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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Feb 2, 2014 8:02 AM Flag

    . One way, the best way versus 819 different ways.

    We committed the start of the transition to store standardization. One way, the best way versus 819 different ways which we have in the past.

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    • YAWN! Is this the best way to go....or is custom tailoring for each local market?

      Let's be honest....the most impressive aspect of Rouleau's vision for TUES is the intent to broaden assortments, lower initial markups, and increase the "better branded" composition of the mix.....and thereby, in theory, increase turnover, "store excitement," and decrease "dead inventory." If that vision succeeds, then none of this nonsense about cash registers, or "store standardization" will matter. It's about BUYING RIGHT...or the lion's share of it is, anyway.

      My problem is that there is NO evidence, from the Xmas season, that that strategy is working....with adjusted operating income down nearly 20% from the year ago quarter. What Rouleau has evidenced, simply, is that he is able to push more stuff out the door, at LOWER overall margins, and hire more people to help get that stuff out the door, bloating the company's costs. Why am i not impressed? And why is Primecap salivating??

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      • Custom tailoring ? Are you kidding me ? That is 70% of the problem. The work force should be focused on customer care, stocking shelves to a presentation guide and keeping house keeping standards high. Customize ? Standards are the answer. It is the only way to evaluate the decision making processes.

      • LTF, if you see this: Speaking of retailers in trouble, how do you see RSH these days? The commercial they ran during the Super Bowl was impressive, but is it too little too late in your opinion?

      • The replenishment system isn't nearly detailed enough to custom tailor individual store inventories. And I don't have any confidence in Regional Management to make it happen. Much less the Zone Management. They were in better position 10 years ago - but - Kathleen let it go almost totally to hell. That bunch of clowns in Store Operations didn't know much of nothing and it showed. And merchandise buying went seriously south in a hat box. And frankly speaking, I've seen very little improvement in merchandise quality. Jeez. All that junk called women's clothing? Much less shoes.
        Oh well. Glad I left. No regrets what so ever.

      • Why did you cover ? Who said Primecap is salivating ? I guess I presumed they cant or wont go much higher as they already own a ton.

        They get in early and are willing to wait.

        You really think this 75 year old man who doesn't have to work wants his swan song to be pulling one over on the street ?

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