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  • newgrad2012 newgrad2012 Apr 22, 2012 6:02 PM Flag

    What's that phrase - Dumb as Texas

    Never liked that state, guess because I'm not a good ole boy, yee haw for that.

    I liked the video on how the Houston cops murdered the CIA agent after a car chae, and that was after the FBI told them to let him go, he has top secret information that can't be compramised.

    Not Texas cops though, they got that we're crooked and nobody can stop us attitude.

    The Texas judicial system is laughed at by the entire country.

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    • You must have had a bad experience with Texas because Texas, aside from being the second largest state in the US, has a large diverse population, an economy that won't quit and resources that no other side in the US can say they have as much of as Texas. Yes, we have our issues but so do other states. New York, for instance, had one of the most crooked City police force next to Louisiana's New Orleans Police force. So, don't hate on Texas just because you may have had a bad experience here. If you've never visited then you really don't know Texas at all. Your perception of our State, its officials and its people is completely off. So, until you've had the opportunity to visit and see what we're all about, don't hate on Texas. If you've never been here to know us, then you're the one who's "dumb". You can't judge a book by its cover. Don't be a hater.