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  • tsjaxson tsjaxson May 27, 2003 3:53 PM Flag

    Grossly Overvalued

    Oh my goodness, will I be able to withstand a loss of 0.09 per share? I may need to sell my home to meet a margin call...

    I should have expected such a simplistic response from a message board. I honestly don't know why I even try to elicit rational, educated thoughts from these sites.

    FYI - I have AMTD hedged with what I believe to be a more reasonably valued issue and am actually up on the overall postion, but I suppose you would not understand anyway...

    Best of luck on your long...

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    • I replied simplistically because there is no rational response to why it is currently valued at over $7.

      Your justification for it being overvalued wasn't taking in to account the fact that they are conservative in their guidance and they have expanded account creation and accounts' volume.

      Tomski talks about a bubble but we are still about 15% of pre-bubble burst era. In valuation, I see this eventually getting to $15 by the end of this year or first quarter next year.

      I am glad you have it hedged with what you believe to be a more reasonable value. I'm sure the other issue is doing exactly as you would like it to?

      There have been numerous people here stating that they shorted at whatever position and that there's no way the price will continue to increase. This has been since the $3 and change range. Most have either stopped out as a smart investor would or lie (Tomski) stating that they covered for a miniscule profit.

      Believe what you want.

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      • I respect your comment regarding growth prospects, however, I simply do not believe that AMTD will deliver ENOUGH growth to justify the current stock price. As for my hedge, I am long JEF (for a multitude of resons not appicable to this board) in larger dollar size (due to AMTD's high beta). As for those who BS regarding their short or long profits, that bothers me too. No one wins all the time - why not have the conviction to admit when you are wrong. I am short at $7.27 to be exact and will look to close in the $5.00 range by late summer. If the stock does not break by then I will take my losses (or if I get stopped out at +20%) and happily post my error to this board.

        Best of luck...

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