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  • tonoos tonoos Jun 5, 2013 7:22 AM Flag

    Streamer going away in August

    I signed up for a Datek account in 2002 just for the streamer, which is so much better than anything else offered by tda. Now they have a date to kill it. Anyone know of a broker with a similar product?
    Trade Architect pales in comparison, too few stocks, not the same data, news, etc.

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    • try scottrade I like the bar graphs, you can get up to 5 at a time plus the basic grid. Its not level 2 but i like it a lot. you really get a feel of the action. best feature is simple anywhere. bid/ ask boxes flash green/red when prices change. there are lots of features that I don't use at all. 1 other thing you can probably adjust the new program to emulate the old on. cheers!

    • some turd over there says they don't care about there customers or the streamer

    • Ok, got some info. Scottrade has a brand new product for Elite accounts, $25k min. to open but don't need to maintain that. nearly identical to streamer, seems they know Streamer is going away yet many love it, so going to take market share. Only thing lacking is RT news in the streamer for each stock, need to view that in a separate window, so I told the mgr to pass word up the ladder to fix that.
      Amtd tech rep told me everything in streamer is in think or swim, so I d/l it but have not tried it yet....I have til Aug., but need to check it out early.
      If I don't like it, I'll just switch to scottrade, with $100K min, mgr told me he would waive the penny/share penalty on stocks under a buck which I use often, INO, GTHP for example and a bit of AXPW.
      If you're active, just call amtd and they'll match $7/trade quickly. Saves a LOT over time for active traders.

    • KEEP the Streamer, please!
      It often works when the CommandCenter or other platforms goes down.

    • what do u mean streamer is going away? they have a few trading platforms, trade architect etc... some I think are for active users so are you referring to products for non-active users?

    • Fidelity has one but I don't like it as much as streamer. When I moved all accounts to Fidelity in 2005 I left enough in one Ameritrade account to get free streamer, which, at the time, was 100,000. If AMTD does away with streamer, I make do with Fidelity and Ameritrade loses another account with more than 100 grand in it.

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      • I am in the exact same position. This business is very competitive just look at all the brokerage account commercials that run constantly. AMTD will take a big hit if they lose a lot of the CC customers.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • online broker financial tools are still all over the map, some are good at certain things and weak at others. I thought about those supposedly free financial tools via Sigfig? but not sure if I want to have so much info in one site. This Thinkorswim to me is fairly confusing, probably has more to do with me, but I'm trying to find a better site to analyze options - and preferably a site that gives info on unusual options activity - optionmonster is probably good but I think one has to pay for it.

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