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  • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Aug 5, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    Yeah, they busted my brainbox alright.

    Took one look at ThinkorSwim and my eyes started bleeding. Then looked at Trade Architect and wondered since when Toys 'R' Us started selling software to online brokers. I've been using command center 2.0 from its inception, and I can't believe they're unable to replicate the streamlined look and functionality of that platform. I contacted they're customer service to complain and they just gave me lip service about how they have to chage platforms for security reasons. Blah blah blah. Who knew that making things "more secure" neccessarily means making it suck too.

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    • "My eyes starting bleeding." ROFL, couldnt have put it better myself!!!
      Unable or unwilling to be forced to use the blinking monstrosities TDA now offers us, and like you, having used command center since inception, I moved my account to Scottrade this week.
      I cant get as many objects into Scottrades streamer or their Elite platform but the look and setup are the same.
      There are a few minor differences but compared to what TDA offers, I didnt have much choice.

    • You are spot on. I would happily upgrade to a new system if it even came close to the same functionality/efficiency of CC. We all have to make changes to newer/better technology. But we are being asked to make a HUGE step backward. I now have been assigned 3 different AMTD reps to "guide" me into the new platforms. Problem is that when I point out major shortcomings of the new systems compared to CC, they say that it will be upgraded in the future(when not sure) or simply say the new platforms do not provide the function. So they could assign 100 reps to help with the transition, but it won't matter. It is like assigning me a rep to go back to a dial-up internet connection.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • I will be giving all my $$ to a TROW or Vanguard. Any here have a fav they use that tends to beat the market consistantly

      • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Aug 6, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

        "...Problem is that when I point out major shortcomings of the new systems compared to CC, they say that it will be upgraded in the future"

        Yup, they told me the same thing. And that's the problem right there. they should have gotten the bugs out before they force everyone to make this transition. They think they can fix everything in 30 days? No way! First of all, they should have asked our opinions about what we like about command center 2.0, and then give us 6 months before pulling the plug so they could adopt those neccessary changes. This is going to go down in history as the worst tech transition of all time. Wouldn't be surpised if heads roll over this. And they should!

    • Although I prefer the simple "streamer" I am confident I can make the "think or swim" platform just as useful.. first off I enlarged the numbers and am buying a 23" screen instead of my 17" laptop.. I can customize the bid/ask last high/low and eliminate what I want to in order to simplify the bleeding as you say.. In the end it should be a net even.. but I do like the streamer!!!

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