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  • contrarian_values contrarian_values Aug 22, 2013 3:38 AM Flag

    AMTD in their ARROGANCE thinks RIAs and Large accounts will be "BEGGING THEM TO COME BACK"??? REALLY????

    This is extreme arrogance! Ameritrade you can easily lose second place in regards to AUM among discount brokers. SCHWAB and FIDELITY have literally called me daily to send accounts their way with complete matches for Fees and commissions. I have made the seriousness of the Command Center closing and Huge gaps with Trade Architect well known. I heard lots of promises and I can only hope they deliver. This is not just some small retail traders complaining. This is collectively enough customers and assets to really be painful if we all left. You are not unique. You are not that special in the discount brokerage peer group. This is a huge error in saying we will "be begging to come back" as one of your employees put it here in another post.I certainly hope this "MATRIX" person isn't Brian, Mark, Jake , Joe or Robert R. or Robert Fortune. I hope the poster is just some newbie at the Omaha or Jersey office.

    Too bad Chris Nagy isn't still around to set things in the right direction OR others from the old team that built the brokerage on customer service.

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    • sorry Buck-o, I do not work for TD Ameritrade.. instead I am a successful stock trader with a strong 7 figure trading account.. something YOU ARE NOT.. anyone with an average I.Q. should be able to figure the "think or swim" platform out so that it WILL WORK FOR YOU.. only a person with mental disabilities, lazy habits and no trading talent would see it any other way.. Now do not get me wrong I like Command Center myself and its simplicity but again "think or swim" can be tailored not only the same BUT BETTER. I know as I have done so already. Again if you want to CRY LIKE A BABY and think there is something better else out there than TAKE YOUR MONEY and find the best brokerage firm for YOUR NEEDS.

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      • I don't suck a brokers #$%$ puzzzyboy! There is no need to. Oh and your GD right I WANT WHAT I WANT. Simple as that!! Too many brokers to to stay with one if they don't think it's important enough to to meet my WANTS!
        Oh but you, your kissing a brokers #$%$z. Haha, probably tell them "yes sir massa, I will get right on that there Yahoo message board and stop those people talking about ya". Your a little punk. You think 7 figures is a player? LOL, your an idiot. Your an even more of a SUCKAZZZ than I ever expected.

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