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  • infomaniac_whoa infomaniac_whoa Oct 19, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

    Moved to Optionshouse

    I told them I would move it if they axed the streamer. They called my bluff but...I wasn't bluffing.
    OH charges $3.95 per trade (since risen to $4.75). Drawbacks include: Not thrilled with their platform either; slow to move money in (3-4 days); Margin only up to 2X value (AT let me go a bit more); After hours trading is until 4pm (cst) instead of 7pm.
    Pluses: 100 free trades for two months!: Cheap and fast trades. Lower margin rates.
    Not regretting my decision. If Atrade is going to charge more than double for trades, they damn well better let me have the trading platform I've been using since I was with Datek in the 90's and grew up with. How hard can it possibly be? A rep said they would have to rewrite the software to keep up with computer changes. Managing software like that isn't exactly like breaking into the DOD. I don't need or want 92 types of charts and graphs and betas. Just a great looking program that handles basic info. Is that too much?

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    • You made a GREAT decision. Yesterday (Friday), nobody with an optionshouse account was able to place any trades, open or close out any positions, until 1:30 PM because there was a system wide outage at this garbage discount broker firm that took them 4 hours to resolve. The only way to get your money out of a trade was to call them directly, which was an impossibility since their phone lines were busy for hours. I wonder how many millions of dollars were lost by account holders yesterday.

      I don't care how much you save on commissions with those clowns. A day like yesterday can wipe out any/all perceived savings you had by moving your money to a cheap low end brokerage. get what you pay for.

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      • I did not have this experience. I did get an email that apologized for cancelling open orders. Basically my trades have occurred instantaneously. Even if they did have a hiccup, I've been with Atrade long enough to remember several times when trading was screwed up. Luckily, I wasn't caught with problems with Optionshouse. Scottrade, on the other hand, is on my blacklist for charging me $10/mo for nas level 2 without my knowing about it. Who would pay for that? Now I'm wrangling with them to get a refund - they said they'd give me a few free trades. Still, kinda #$%$.

    • Good call, I also moved some assets to try their platform . Mainly most trades trades are options as the writer and on the mobile platform . Executions have been good , lower commissions and the assignments are only 5.00 compared to TDA 19.99 and I took a nice cash award and no free trades. Most trading I've done has been on assets moved to E trade but I've have been on 60 days free trading there and I will extend out on another transfer to them from this firm. Their mobile platform is superior to TD's. I'll have to give scottrade a look . Streamer and CC2 that active traders favored like myself was the best thing this firm ever acquired. The people that run this company know less than analytical traders or how a trading platform should look. Trade architect must have looked shiny to the developers.

    • It's pretty sad.....and see a company choose not to listen to and take care of their long-time customers, and then drive them away to their competitors. Just amazing......Who's running this company and making these decisions, anyway?

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