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  • sheamanski sheamanski Oct 8, 1999 5:33 PM Flag

    Where is this headed??

    Im new to the board but heres how I look at

    If earnings can exceed 20cents this qtr....the
    market will start to estimate $1 per share going
    forward...BAMM...thats a 25-$30 stock!!!

    Things appear to be
    clicking...possible buyout candidate...

    Any thoughts?? Am I
    drinking the cool aid??

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    • the word "idiots" applies to NOVL not to you.

    • SCO fundamentals and potential growth look great. Earnings look to exceed estimates and stock looks to be basing. Good long term hold and buying on the dips when possible. Do you know Markland?

    • I have scanned over 1000 charts and have yet to
      find one that comes close to SCOC's bullish
      accumulation indicators. Whoever has been accumulating this
      stock, they are getting ready to mark this one up and I
      mean bigtime, beyond your wildest imagination. Do not
      sell this if your smart. The recent dryup in volume is
      very very positive given the technical readings I am
      getting. Just wait and you will see. If they a final
      shakeout before it goes into parabolic rise I'll be there
      with both gun barrels fully loaded.

    • Twenty cents would be great, but that would be,
      what, a 30% surprise? Estimates are calling for
      $.13-$14 so a more realisitic number, assuming SCO is
      going to beat estimates, would be $.15-$17. However, I
      hope you are right, and I agree we will see a major
      pop if it does come close to $.20/share. The way
      things are going, I feel there is a good chance SCO will
      make $.80 per share, year end next year.

      does everyone else think???? Datagrinder?????

      don't know about these options...they are generating
      interest but I feel there is just more ways for the market
      to manipulate a stock which is finally rising on its
      own merrits.

      Been long, and staying long. GO

      • 1 Reply to Scrapester
      • my post #2438. .80$ for next year I think is a
        good conservative estimate.

        For this quarter I
        don't think we'll see too much impact from the IBM
        channel yet, but we may see a slight impact. I think

        $ .15 for this quarter is reasonable also, and will
        keep the stock headed higher.

        For next year,
        with the availability (finally) of high performance
        8-way Xeons/coppermines (700 to 800 MHz) the "cheap
        iron" will be ready and waiting for a high performance
        OS to drive it. So I think we could see even better
        than $.80 if Compaq and IBM get creative in their
        sales tactics.

        However this assumes that SCOC
        keeps their current operating model and does not
        increase it's girth. By this I mean staffing up to serve a
        need that may not exist (I'm talking here of
        linux/open source support). The startups and recent IPOs get
        away with alot of hot air/hooha simply because they
        have underwriter analyst support for at least 18
        months after IPO. SCOC will be judged on a different
        metric, ie. earnings, and in my opinion can't do what the
        hypsters can (unless some brokerage starts buying into the
        story) without taking a hit in the value of the stock.

        Look at poor redhat now, they think they are going to
        support their 6 billion $ valuation by being a portal?
        That's even more foolish sounding than supporting their
        6 billion $ valuation by selling free software!

        Bottom line is that if SCOC management stays lean they
        can make some very nice numbers with UW7, tarantella,
        etc, by making sure they have the best feature set of
        any competitor.

        just thinking out loud,


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