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  • mbc2302000 mbc2302000 Jul 6, 2007 10:01 AM Flag


    Do you know what IQ tests are supposed to measure? Personally, IQ tests are not an accurate way of measuring what they are supposed to be measuring. I just thought I throw that in there for the fun of it.

    The thing is that some of the posters on this act like they are experts in the area of investing and the product when they aren't. That's all.

    At least I don't make false claims like some of the posters on this site. I can back up my claims, I just choose not to. Why give information to people that don't deserve it.

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    • "Why give information to people that don't deserve it."

      Well for one, it would be a nice thing to do; second, sharing information is one of the "purposes" of a message board!

      Of course, you are not "required" to share your research, but don't think you can make blanket statements and then not at least be challenged to how you came to such a conclusion...Nancy's is "healthier".

      While your research conclusion may or may not be accurate (Nancy's being more "healthier"), as whiz so shrewdly pointed out, it's not always the "best" product (or in this case the "healthiest") that always sells the best or has the best margins. Consumer perception is key. Marketing is key. In the N.E., the only kefir I have seen is offered by LWAY: their own brand and Helios (who would have thunk that LWAY would have bought Helios?--Nancy's next?)

      Okay mbc, you have concluded that LWAY is a POS, not sure if you were referring to the company or its stock or both. Given said conclusion, what INVESTMENT ACTION have you taken?

      Took the IQ test on a "bad day" Now that was entertaining!

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      • I was taking the IQ tests for the fun of it, just to see what the results were. As far as giving information, I gave enough information and I will only give more to those that I believe deserve it. Some of you don't deserve it. Hey, at least I told you a way to gain the same information I did with regards to the product, you guys just want the easy route by trying to make me tell you what took me 7 months of my time, energy and money out of my pocket. I think i am entitled to not share specifics.

        The reason why I don't have a position on this stock is I don't believe in the product and company.

        As far as Lifeway buying Nancy's, I just don't see it happening. EVER. I don't think Nancy is greedy like the people at Lifeway.

        Oh, BTW, institutional holdings at 6% is tiny. I wouldn't buy a stock based on that number.

        Also, what's the huge goodwill payment they made? What was that for? Seems a little out of the ordinary for them to give a large number. Did they disclose what that was for? They don't normally write off large amounts of goodwill. Was it really goodwill, or are they passing it off as goodwill?

        There are some things that are taking place in the numbers that just don't give me the warm and fuzzies.

        I also am not a member of Mensa, I have met several members in my lifetime. Nice people. Easy to talk to. i can relate to those people quite nicely.

        See ya.

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