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  • brachyvsdolicho brachyvsdolicho May 16, 2008 3:00 AM Flag

    Good to know that kefir operations

    are tightly controlled, and seem to have no issues.

    <<The decree does not include other products manufactured by Lifeway including kefir, Farmers cheese, and spreadable cheese products.>>

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    • Oh, how does Julie get off telling people that they'll live another 100 years by drinking their Kefir? isn't that CONSUMER FRAUD? Here father didn't live very long and he created their version of Kefir. he only was 55 when he passed away. Makes me wonder how good Lifeway's kefir really is.. Check out their corporate video. I think that video is misleading the consumer and they have ABSOLUTELY NO BASIS TO MAKE THAT CLAIM..

      I think the SEC should know about this!!

    • I think they still have issues, but they are afraid of exposing them. There is yeast in the product and it isn't mentioned on the label. When you bring their kefir to elevated temperatures (the stomach is 98.6 degrees, room temperature can vary depending on the temperature the air), the yeast, sugar, and other bacteria in the product produce ethanol, diacetyl, ethyl-methyl carbinol to levels that are not safe for people. At least that is what a testing lab told me. For those that don't have a tolerance to alcohol, throwing can happen. Milk products should be able to be enjoyed at slightly elevated temperatures just like milk itself.

      Check with the company on exactly what is in the kefir grains to understand what crap is created during the natural fermentation of the milk sugar and added sugar to the product. The problem is that the testing procedures that the FDA does doesn't properly let a fermenting product to finish the fermentation process and reach FULL maturation.

      I threw up after drinking a glass of this stuff and I am on an alcohol-free diet, but I didn't know there was alcohol being created in it after a few minutes of drinking it. If you feel euphoric from drinking this stuff, it's the affects of alcohol and diacetyl.

      I wouldn't touch this garbage in a million years. There is at least another brand of Kefir that doesn't have this problem. I wouldn't invest in a company that does not display a social responsibility by reformulating their product so that people don't have these types of reactions.

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