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  • billwcoln billwcoln May 20, 2008 3:17 PM Flag

    Kefir Clinical Trials are complete

    Now we just need Georgetown U to report on them. Good Luck,

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    • mbc2302000, Clearly you're a radical big Pharma nutjob who is barely 18, wet behind your ears and is being paid to shill for big Pharma. Fella, collect your toys and go home. You have nothing of value to say.

    • " the alcohol in the product will get people hooked on it"

      LOL, ROGL, LMAO. Less than .015% and you say it tastes like a"rum drink" and people will get "drunk". OMG, what a complete fool you are. You can't detect ANY alcohol in Kefir it is so low. Who pays you to shill and shovel this nonsense?

    • What do you mean my cover is blown? Please explain? I have been honest about everything. You have just been berating people... Personally, from my point of view, YOUR cover is blown. you obviously make comments based on suppositions, falsehoods and it is vindictive in nature.

    • MBC, I have no trouble reading, especially between the lines. Your cover and agenda is blown. Move on amateur.

    • Nancy's makes a competing product that doesn't contain alcohol in it. It does sell in certain areas.

      Nancy's company just isn't a publicly traded company that is driven to make a good healthy product rather than just trying to make money.

      it seems to me that Lifeway is more concerned about selling product to make money than being honest about what is in their product and what happens when one drinks it.

      Just to let you know, yeast thrives at 100 degrees and if there is sugar present and the yeast strain produces alcohol, it is going to produce it at its fastest rate. When yeast/sugar is at cooler temperatures 40 degrees, yeast basically falls asleep and doesn't ferment, but as the temperature increases, it wakes up, multiplies and ferments faster. It is only when the temperature increases to over 122 degrees that it starts to die or if there isn't any sugar present. Yeast thrive inside the human body and that's why a lot of people have yeast infections is because they are eating or drinking products that contain lots of bad yeasts. There are books on the subject....

    • Nancy's might not sell as well because either they don't have as much marketing dollars to market it or because people are addicted to the alcohol/diacetyl/acetyl methyl carbinol and don't know it.

      WholeFoods in my area started carrying it and it sells just fine. Unfortunately, the average consumer is ignorant about food products and the affects of ingredients.

    • billcoin,

      Alcohol is not in every product on the market. Alcoholic beverages may be sold at a lot of stores, but there are plenty of products on the market that don't contain alcohol. Yorgurt doesn't contain alcohol, soy milk doesn't contain alcohol, milk doesn't contain alcohol, water doesn't contain alcohol, etc. etc.

      There are experts on alcoholism that will explain that if one drinks alcohol and doesn't commit to stopping, then have an alcohol problem but may be in a state of denial about it. Alcoholism is a very serious health problem in the US and many other countries and society as a whole suffers from it as it causes lots of crime, health issues, psychological problems and it is just not a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, the alcohol beverage industry seems to be getting away with BSing everyone and society still seems to be supportive of the addiction. If one looks up and Googles "alcohol and drug", you'll find that alcohol is considered to be a drug and have more serious results as a result of our society being accepting of it.

    • billcoin, either you need to have your eyes checked or you didn't read an earlier post of mine. I DON'T work for Nancy's.

    • I see Nancy's product sell at the local store that I go to. Lifeway sells because people are addicted to the alcohol/diacetyl/acetyl methyl carbinol. Remember, alcohol is addictive and since people are not told that, they are unaware. Having an addiction to alcohol is not a healthy lifestyle.

      Personally, as long as there is a healthy choice that doesn't contain alcohol, I am happy.

      I told you guys that I don't work for Nancy's. I am just a consumer that threw up when I drank LIfeway/Helios, and I was misinformed by Lifeway as to what is actually inside their product and i probably have enough evidence to sue LIfewaqy for Consumer Fraud.

      Whether I do is another story. I would rather have them just reformulate their product or take it off the market or at least label the bottle as to what is actually inside and what happens when it completes the fermentation process when on drinks it.

      If you were on an alcohol free diet and you bought something under good faith that it didn't have any alcohol and you threw up after drinking it. How would you feel? there are plenty of people out there that are on an alcohol free diet due to many reasons and I think it is the moral thing for Lifeway to just take out the components within their product that produces it. If it isn't such a BIG DEAL, then why is Lifeway so secretive about it? That what concerns me. If it has yeast in it, why don't they put that ingredient on the label? A lot of people are on yeast free diets because of their reaction to yeast in their diet. From a labeling aspect, don't you want to know what is inside a product BEFORE you buy it?

      Wouldn't you like to know if a product contains alcohol BEFORE you give it to a child? If you aren't concerned about this, then maybe you aren't someone that is concerned about your health and the health of others.

      If it obvious that some of the people on this board are only interested in MONEY and not real interested in drinking a healthy product. Oh well.

      It is also apparent that some of the people on this blog have no background in microbiology, no background is the study of yeast, fermentation, nutrition, human biology, legal issues with regards to product labeling/FDA requirements as well as other important factors to make a positive contribution to the discussion of a food product, but then again, it doesn't surprise me.

      When discussing alcohol, it seems like the alcoholics will do and say anything to protect their addiction and will berate others in the process. I guess that's part of the addiction.

    • cash, Alcohol is everywhere. Why does he have a bug up his ass for Lifeway. Why doesn't his employer do the honorable thing and just produce a competive product and market it properly instead of hitting the YMB with bullcrap. My Wholefoods store had Nancy's briefly and I noticed it did not move at all. Now it is gone and replaced with Lassi from Lifeway, which is very good by the way. Good job Nancy - your crap does not sell. Don't take it out on Lifeway.

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