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  • wooglin_kai wooglin_kai Aug 15, 2012 11:47 AM Flag

    Percentages for Dummies???

    "Company Reports Record Second Quarter Earnings Per Diluted Share of $0.13 Compared to $0.02 Last Year, an Increase of 650%"

    .13 - .02 = .11

    .11 / .02 = 550%

    Am I missing something?

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    • Seems like a typo. The 6 is very close to the 5 on the keyboard. Still pretty impressive whether its 550 or 650% right?

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      • Hey Rus!
        I was wondering if you had disappeared, particularly since you didn’t respond to my July 2 post (silence equals consent?):
        For the first time, I listened to a LWAY conference call (yesterday) and Julie went out of her way to say that the “650%” increase was not an error or something to that effect. That said, yes, the .13 earnings are impressive. I believe this was only the fourth time the company earned more than single digits in a quarter.
        While it makes sense to compare comparable quarters, here are LWAY’s earnings for 4 quarters ending with June Q:
        6/12: .23
        6/11: .16
        6/10: .27
        6/09: .29
        6/08: .14
        Earnings from 6/11 to 6/12 were up 43.75%.

        The following is from memory and may not be accurate:
        LWAY expects to have product in Canada end of year or first Q next year; they have a co-packer. Wasn’t LWAY at one point trying to get their own “plant” in Canada?
        LWAY expects to double in the near term (I believe that was the figure) the retail outlets carrying frozen kefir. Speaking of frozen, not that it was mentioned on the call, and I must have missed the PR, but just yesterday I became aware of the frozen ProBugs product. Nice product extension.
        No additional stand alone StarFruits are in the pipeline.
        Jury is still out re the “Boston” (Wellesley) WFM kiosk and whether there will be additional ones. WFM will make that call.
        Ed noted that even with the 7 cent div payment, the company ended the Q with a decent amount of cash.
        Also not mentioned on the call, but in yesterday’s release, I noticed that “investments” have increased $695,041 to $1,867,234 LOL! This does not include the $300K Cert. of deposit.

        I didn’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling while listening to the call. That said, I’m hopeful LWAY will grow and become even more successful. I also hope that the share price will respond positively so that we will be rewarded.

      • Yes, you are missing something and that is that there is not a large following here unfortunately. Those that bought it today at the opening, (as I did after hearing their conference call) are now losing money as it ticked down to $9.65. This stock needs some accumulation by new money and should that happen and it breaks through ten again look forward to better days. They have a good story as The Street recently published.

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