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  • johnnywvw54 johnnywvw54 Jun 15, 2005 11:26 AM Flag

    Put this in perspective

    Yesterday NVDA trading at 29 naz down 5. Rumor comes out from unknown source and NVDA goes down to 26.91 Nas up 1 at end of day. Today Naz goes down 12 and NVDA goes down to 26. So naz nets down 6, .3% and NVDA nets down $3, 9.5%.

    NVDA comes out midday today and says that rumor is bullshit. Result.... naz net down 4, .25% and NVDA down $2.70, 8.5%.

    Wow do you guys not see that someone WANTED THIS stock down here and they started the rumor in the first place. They have control and doesn't matter what the truth is.

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    • gross margins for next quarter stay at estimates of improvement of 50-100 basic pts.

      higher returns on ps3 compared to xbox
      last xbox payment in july.. thats good at least we get 1 more this quarter

      psx3 will have high dynamic range
      and cell is better at physics.

      market share at low end = low
      Inv = low.
      price cut occurs each quarter or 3 times per year.

      last quarter they did not cut b/c they were spaking ati

      cut this quarter to try to sell more low end
      (this should put pricing pressure on ati i think and really screw up their gross margins)

      handsets - outlook = good.

      growth will occur in the intel motherboard business


      6800 sales = strong
      nvidia trying to lower sli costs and make 6600gts a more economical for the main stream.

      a very positive CC i must say
      the fact that price cuts are normal and invetory is low in the low end is good.

      all cuts were factored in projections.

    • really is a classic case of people not understanding the market and how it works.

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