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  • jeffpatrickconsulting jeffpatrickconsulting Jun 15, 2005 5:18 PM Flag

    Just who WILL buy the G70? read on..

    G7800 to come in three flavors
    GT, and

    While Joe six-pack is getting drunk with friends, the 17-35 year old male elite gaming segment that drives Nvidia are busy working hard to save that disposable income - NOT on beer - but on the G70.. Anyone who questions the reason or NEED these people have for buying the latest/greatest no matter the cost, does not understand Nvidia's top revenue generating customers who are responsible for Nvidia dwarfing ATI in the past earnings reports!!

    "Nvidia customers are 17- to 35-year-old males with disposable income. "I don't think people realize how delighted these guys are whenever a new graphics chip comes out...the first thing that they do is try to get the PC to go faster and the second thing they do is make the graphics look better." "

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      notice at the bottom it says that a 5600 wont even cut it.

      so this game will lead to more graphics card sales/upgrades.

      and yes.. i am one of those guys that buys the new graphics card from time to time when i can afford it.

      over my life time ive owned quite a few including:

      my first a s3 virge dx

      tnt2 ultra (cost my 228 at the time )
      voodoo 4 ( 1/2 off price)
      geforce 2 ultra - on sale
      geforce 3 ti200
      geforce 4 4200
      geforce 6800 OC -sale

      along the way ive also owned

      voodoo 2's in sli, geforce 2 regular, tnt m64,
      riva 128 zs?, matrox g200, voodoo banshee
      ati 8500 128 meg, ati 9800xt, geforce 5600, geforce 5200.

      worst cards were the s3 and the ati cards.
      drivers were crap for those.

      really happy w/ my 6800

      and my voodoo 4 was pretty neat.

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      • Yeah, I caught that page yesterday. Good link..

        Quite an assortment of cards there! You've got me beat!

        S3 (joke)
        3dfx Voodoo
        Stb Voodoo2
        ATI All-in-wonder why I bought that;)??
        Geforce 5200fx Twin monitors (at work)

        My discretionary cash goes to music now/guitar stuff & any one of my six children and or wife's needs. Some of the new games actually make me sick after a few minutes because of such fluidity in visual motion vs. the body being still. I love roller coasters though and enjoy such without any sick feelings.. strange. Nvidia's up in After Hours slightly.. Perhaps the beating is over..

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