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  • will_amd_yu will_amd_yu Mar 2, 2007 11:04 PM Flag

    Nvidia's integrated graphics a distant 3rd behind Intel and AMD

    Int. Gfx Shootout - AMD 690, Intel G965, & nVidia 6150

    Intel's integrated graphics platform actually puts up a good fight. Black eyes include start-up or run-time problems with Half Life 2 and Oblivion, but performance is quite good on other games. Some notable benchmarks:

    Intel G965 - 403
    AMD 690 - 308
    nVidia 6150 - 223

    PCMark05 Graphics:
    Intel G965 - 1666
    AMD 690 - 1583
    nVidia 6150 - 1449

    F.E.A.R. @ 1024x768x32:
    AMD 690 - 31
    Intel G965 - 27
    nVidia 6150 - 17

    Company of Heroes @ 1024x768x32:
    AMD 690 - 31.9
    Intel G965 - 28.3
    nVidia 6150 - 16.9

    Quake IV @ 1024x768x32:
    Intel G965 - 10.8
    AMD 690 - 9.5
    nVidia 6150 - 7.4

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    • Seems like under load the ATI arch still pulls ahead, but problem is that, under load, they all suck, so it's not even a kicker for AMD. Of course, I'm running a gForce 440MX.

      Anyway, everything's going Vista, so best indicator of what's going to sell is which platform can run Vista as a bare minimum chip that will let OEM's get the Vista premium sticker out on the shelves.

      Still, I think anyone taking the time to find out which chips will offer the best performance is going to end up going with discrete solutions even in mobile. Had I gone with integrated back in my generation of chips, I wouldn't even be playing games that were released in 2002. Integrated is just a step above barey working.

    • Yeah...nvidia come in third with a product they launched like 2 years ago...How will they fair against NVIDIA's new products..not so good my friend...Watch and learn...The big boys are trying to scard people out...they tried last May and we rebounded even higher..This time when we rebound we get into the 40's...AMD/ATI are a mess and continue to delay product offerings which is just opening up the door even further for nvidia to take and keep market share...You can't buy a DX10 card from anyone else for months...

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