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  • getanid61 getanid61 Sep 30, 2009 11:11 AM Flag

    intc has only 1 choice: acquire nvda

    It's obvious that INtel has underestimated the complexity of a GPU. THe question is do they learn from this and create a competitive architecture in future generations ????

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    • Intel has been 'learning' about the GPU for years now. Whether they 'get it' or not is debatable.

      They've been promising the world x86 has legs that go to forever. And they've been doing everything in their power to extend that franchise. But people, come on the architecture is 25 years old. I've never seen such a successful milking operation.

      What they don't 'get' and what certainly Jensen does is that it's a different world. PCs aren't going to be desktops and laptops for much longer. Certainly we will still have productivity tools, but 70-90% of what we do will be on handhelds before long.

      NVDA is setting them up for a perfect squeeze. Tesla above and Tegra below, making x86 the tweener (a fundamentally bad position to be in).

      I love that they've wasted what, 3 yrs on Laughabee and it's showing some crappy demos circa 2003. The chief x86 architecture guy, Gelsinger lost his job over it. Sounds like a huge re-group effort needs to happen. Meantime, NVDA just plows ahead building bigger and badder and more capable products.

      It's gonna be an interesting few years upcoming.

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