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  • getanid61 getanid61 Aug 9, 2010 1:03 PM Flag

    AMD Teases nVidia with the new Video

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    • "everyone should 5 star this last post from douchebexx. it is a shining example of what makes him, well, douchebexx."

      I happen to appreciate his dedication to the cause of finding every posted article on NVDA. I certainly wouldn't find all that. Thank you again Ibexx !!!!

      Though I consider Ibexx a smart guy...
      However, the cheerleading has caused his comments to way over-reach and expose lack of knowledge in many areas. Gets overly defensive very quickly when anyone questions. IN fact, I've been waiting for him to go thru every post I've ever made over the years and post every Gaffe I've made. I do admit surprise this hasn't happened (yet).

    • "We all know (maybe not you) that GTX 465 is a salvage part,"


      "Much the same way you commented on subjects without covering the background first."

      Hmmm... guess you've put yourself in judgement of what's a good post. But you should cover some background about what ACCESS to a processor is too.
      You don't like it at all, and spit venom when someone questions your validity. I never attack you, but point it out when I think you're wrong.

      "As to GTX 480 - it's not the flagship, at least not the version done with 40nm"

      Ibexx, Ibexx, Ibexx....
      The GTX 480 is the flagship, and it only exists in 40nm.
      I've no doubt they have new products in the pipe... and I've no doubt they will be superior to today's products. Kinda the nature of things for 'new' products to cannibalize the old.

      "I would love to see you learn your investment lesson."

      I learn them everyday. You refuse to hear that I'm trying to share some with you.

      "I didn't read your "story",

      You LIE !!

    • My last note to you on this subject:

      We all know (maybe not you) that GTX 465 is a salvage part, eventually or soon supplies of this chip will be exhausted.

      It has been reported by many that GTX 470 will be replaced by a dual GF104, I wrote this in one of my posts recently. You just didn't read it. Much the same way you commented on subjects without covering the background first.

      As to GTX 480 - it's not the flagship, at least not the version done with 40nm. The die will be shrinked or a B1 version of GF100 will appear.
      NVIDIA is playing with cards close to its chest.

      Information on Fusion is abundant; some speculative, others repetitive, what is know doesn't knock a lot of folks off their socks. Bet your money on this toy if you have guts, I would love to see you learn your investment lesson.

      I didn't read your "story", not worthy my time. This note is written out of courtesy only. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR PUTTING ME ON IGNORE.

    • LlanoL 32 nm by GloFo
      Ontario: 40nm by TSMC bulk process (cheaper)

      Thank You

      Ok now, is the GF104 gonna cannibalize the 465 and 470 ??
      Even the 480 ??

      Bottom line is we both view the GF104 as a good thing, and aren't worried about what it cannibalizes. FUSION is the same for AMD. It's all new revenue for both companies.

      Yes, alot of FUSION data is in public domain, but is this implication of something ??

      Tell you a story Ibexx. Do you remember the VAX ?? BAck in the 80s engineers had dumb terminals linked into a central mainframe. VAX owned this space.

      They came up with their own PC in the mid 80s. It was so fast that it was faster than their mainframe. The company immediately saw that if they sold these PCs, it would cannibalize their sales of their mainframe. They had their compilers introduce NOP(NO Operations) into the machine code to slow down their PC. THey killed both businesses by worrying about cannibalizing their own sales.

      Andy Grove wrote in his 'Only the Paranoid Survive' that alot of INtel's strategy of forward momentum was to turn the bullseye on themselves.

    • LlanoL 32 nm by GloFo
      Ontario: 40nm by TSMC bulk process (cheaper)

      Educated guess:

      --Full GF 104, much smaller than AMD Cypress line (GTX 460 is a cutdown version), yet performance is expected to be in between GTX 470 and GTX 480. It lends itself to SC much better than GF100
      --Full GF100 (or 448 shaders) by TSMC 28 nm before Q2 2011 (production scales starts after the New Year)

      Believe what you want. The Fusion data are in public domain.

    • I don't buy that.

      IF we're looking next year, AMD would be getting razor thin margins on it's low-end. However, they can raise their GM in the low-end with an all-new 28nm FUSION. (not sure if it's 32nm or 28nm)

      Also, this new integrated product creates a new market for them.

    • I will echo to this.

      When/if Fusion Ontario is launched in Q1 of 2011, it will serve to cannibalize AMD's own low-end netbooks FIRST before taking on any competition.

      Ontario at a glance

      CPU: 1~2 x Atom 510
      GPU: HD 54xx (midrange now, low end next year)
      TDP: 18w vs 13w claimed by Intel.

      Tough to compete when your belly is touching the ground.

    • WEAK !!

    • this?

      "But, AMD has working current generation products and you dismiss that. Can I not acknowledge that the other team has points on the board..."

      fact is that nvidia outperforms ati's offerings with cards that are cheaper and offer more features...ati's cards are "working" alright,well duh...


      a lada niva rides too,yet an audi will offer more features,comfort,more performance blablabla

      but that audi is cheaper as well(in this case)?

      I think you get that one

      low end don't matter that much as they're underwhelming in dx11 tasks

    • again, you say nothing

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