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  • j7777kxx j7777kxx Aug 28, 2010 4:08 PM Flag

    Intel, HP, Dell, IBM..Who is Going to Buy NVDA?

    Who will buy Nvidia and be the next Apple.

    Will it be Dell who lost to HP for 3Par.

    Will it be Intel.....perfect fit but the FTC might frown.

    Will it be HP who bought Palm for the WebOS operating system. Now it only needs an ARM chip company to make their own phones/tablets ala Apple. Quadro/Tesla would fit nicely into their server business too.

    Will it be IBM who has the storage/server business but could use some pizaz in GpGPU computing/workstation business with the discontinuation of the Cell Processor. IBM could pump the PSP division to $5B a year in revenue in no time.

    Don't know, but Big Tech likes to grow through acquisitions when their main businesses slow down. Jensen better have a slew of Tegra product launches lined up, or he may be retired soon. Stock is just too cheap. $5.6B market cap with $1.8B in cash. Chump change for the above Big Tech companies.


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    • Hmm, they could buy nvidia and get its vastly inferrior gpu architechure or they could buy amd and get its vastly superior gpus, for roughly the same price. Nvidia has been trying to find a buyer for the last year the writing is on the wall. No company buys a company without researching there competitors. AMD will be bought, before nvidia will. At least at present day values. My trade is simple buy amd, short nvidia. There was a time when intel tried to buy nvidia. But nvidia wanted to much. And intel had to develop there own, which as you will see just beginning in sandy, that its better than fermi in performance/die Area. Now i am not saying intel can beat nvidia on the high end this year with sandy, but they will in a year or two. It would take them longer to fix the fermi debacle than it would to fix there own at this point.

    • microsoft will do

    • Why would anyone on your list want to buy out NVDA? Once you bought it you have to look after the employees and there could be a brain drain. Why would they just choose and pick graphics cpu product or form an alliance with NVDA? Like owning a house, sometimes it is better just to rent. If you are done, go elsewhere and not be tied down.

    • Why does everybod freak so much when any talk of NVDA being acquired comes up?

      Sure...some shameless pumping for personal gain is always in play...

      But come is not THAT crazy to think NVDA could be bought.

      ATI and AMD, Smartphones and everything else getting more and more graphics heavy.

      NVDA is not without its problems that for sure...

      But If eBay can buy Skype for $2.6B....well...anything is possible...

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      • "Why does everybod freak so much when any talk of NVDA being acquired comes up?"

        In my opinion in no certain order:

        -Nvidia in many ways is a cult....ala AMD. The funny part is the cult followers are becoming less and less as Geforce growth drops to negative due to chipsets going the way of buggy wips. Think it can stabalize at $500M a qtr. at best.

        -In addition...many of Yahoo's esteemed posters make their money by selling options...covered calls. Nvidia's volatility insures great prices for these guys. They would hate to be left out if something did happen.

        -Many of Yahoo's esteemed posters are Nvidia employees. Probably former chipset people trying to hang on somewhere else in the company. Nvidia's staff is bloated. 2 VP's, 2 directors, 2 managers, and 20 PR guys where one will do. The politics must be immense.

        The next month or two will make or break Nvidia as an independent company. Let Android Tablets and Phones include Tegra 2 is everyones humble prayer while any potential buyer is eying quadro/Tesla GpGPU compute growth.


      • It's the same blah, blah, blah for years... And obviously shows no signs of letting up. So check back next year and we can have this same conversation.

        You say anything is possible...

        Then it's also possible that NVidia will NOT be sold...

    • you can't rule it out

      you forgot msft(eg) btw

    • sam @ ibm wants it..... it has been 20 years waiting for ibm to become a mircroprocessing player...... ya can't just be a service company.... IBM would find a nice spot for jensun, and he would feel great going after lazy intel with ibm mighty might behind him.

    • You were either pulling crazy numbers off your head or pushing for nVidia's sale to suit your own interest, obviously.

      I am not sure which one of your agendas is a lesser negative contribution to the board. They both are.

      You would have wanted Fermi killed a couple of years ago. You would have wanted Jen Hsun to get out of the Tesla market also...I know your type.

      Just sell your shares and buy a CD.

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      • Gentlemen....It's time. Jensen said GpGPU compute with Tesla and Quadro will be a winner and it is. Trouble is some big tech companies can pick it up for a song.

        Jensen said Tegra would be a winner and it is not......yet? It's time to see the order book.

        Chipsets are going away rapidly per Jensen....only apple on the core duo and then all that is left is China White box.

        Time to put up and shut up on Tegra. 1.5M units per qtr on European and Chrysler autos won't cut it. Need 4.1M units from tablets and smartphones to reach $1B/qtr in revenue.

        If Nvidia does then stock is a double for sure. If not....buyout time and massive layoffs in the area the buyer doesn't want.

        So Sorry...but it's the American way.


    • Will it be NO ONE !!!!

      give it a rest and
      quit misleading anyone who's listening...

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