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  • chip_guru chip_guru May 4, 2011 6:20 PM Flag

    Tegra tablets on bestseller lists

    #1, #3, #15
    Note that the Asus tablet will be at the top of the list when they restock in June.

    #1, #3, #15

    on (that is Germany for the ignorant bashers ;)
    #1, #7

    #2, #4, #7, #10, #17

    When Samsung and Sony release their tablets, the top 10 tablets everywhere will be based on Tegra!

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    • Amazon Bestseller? Great.

      When is the paperback coming out?

    • I forgot a few bestseller lists:

      #1, #3, #5
      #1, #4, #7

    • So many people on this board pretend they are tech savvy yet know nothing about the technology or the breath of products. See what happened to JDSU last night? They point to preliminary estimates and other data. Point is that outside of the budget basement, every Sandy Ridge processor will have a discrete graphics card and most will not be from ATI because AMD owns them. This is because no one wants to give up a memory slot in exchange for slower less robust on board graphics.

      Plus many of these yokels have no concept what goes on in Taiwan and Japan and the potential volumes. Perhaps Intel will be force to buy them eventually, but all of those websites are just PR shills for hardware manufacturers and they are mostly bias toward AMD, who is still second place.

      This data that shows AMD ahead of NVDA is purposely between a product cycle just before Tegra. Everyone knows that people are waiting for that chip. This AMD.ATI being ahead will last another couple of weeks and then everyone will want to know why they were misled.

      Regardless, we are in a super cycle for TECH. They can all blow away the numbers. And eventually INTC should buy NVDA, except that NVDA’s GPUs technology is so much faster than INTCs processor technology when used in processors. INTC just cannot get themselves to admit that.

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        "Eventually INTC should buy NVDA"

        Did you miss the news?

        Intel already DID buy Nvidia -- at least the only things

        that have any value -- the patents.

        Dunder-headed Jen sold to Intel the unlimited, royalty-free

        right to use each and every patent which Nvidia owns,

        as well as the right to use all new patents received in the future.

        Intel effectively owns Nvida already.

        So there's no point in Intel buying all of Nvidia's

        odd-looking desks and chairs too.

        Intel got the absolute Bargain of the Century in picking

        up Nvidia's collection of patents for a song.

        Just wait 'till you see what's coming.

        The Intel Tesla chip, done in 22nm!

        That baby's gonna Fly!

        Nvidia's own Tesla sales?

        Not so much.


    • How can that be? Apple is gonna ship IPAD2 someday.

      just 1 to 2 more weeks just like the last 5 weeks.

      It's the experience. Yes the experience of waiting for something Mr. Jobs doesn't have.....LOL
      But seriously thanks for the update.

    • daysofshred300000000000000000000 daysofshred300000000000000000000 May 4, 2011 6:23 PM Flag

      Great list! Love these kinds of posts about number 1's of tegra 2 products.
      The tablets are flying off the shelves in the UK and 1 in 10 households has them so you know they are good.
      All the reviewers love them and I am getting one too.
      You should invest more in NVDA because it's going to 30!

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