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  • liars_poker liars_poker Feb 9, 2012 11:43 PM Flag

    Greedy longs hanging on the TEGRA dream

    Everyone talking about Tegra this Tegra that, apparently it is the only chip thats a quad core for tablets or something? who really cares...... Everything that has a Tegra chip are random tablets and phones that you or I would never buy. Sure, the ASUS Prime or whatever you call it is "the most powerful" etc etc, but 95% of consumers don't care! they don't even know! all they care about is that the tablet has Angry Birds and surf the internet and they will buy whatever 10 of their other friends are currently using and it is probably not a device with a "Tegra" chip in there.

    Lets be realistic here, if you're going to spend 500 to 600 dollars on a tablet would you get one that no one has and take a risk on it based on some review by some super techy thats talking about crap you would never use or would you buy the "IPAD" that 100 other people you know have and love?

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    • I would never buy a tablet from aapl, the evil empire, with their closed end practices!!! aapl is just evil. Sooner or later people will realize it.

    • I bet no one on this board even has a Tegra device, unless you're really dumb enough to waste your money on a Toshiba or ACER tablet that cost just as much as an Ipad, or perhaps you got yourself the motorola electify smart phone????

      We all know Tegra is a joke, sounds nice in theory and for CES meetings but in reality the market is so competitive and so much selection out there that Tegra just isnt what we thought it would be.

      The only real revenue that speaks numbers instead of dreams are NVDA's graphics cards, but we all know how that industry is turning out as well....

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      • I don't think you have a clue . . I and many of the investors here have tablets and phons using Tegra chips. I know the Atrix I have has been great and still matches up with the most current phones. Haven't wasted a dime and know I have a winner in the product(s) I use by Nvidia, the professional graphics cards and the smart phone. Looking at the ASUS Prime or the next one when my current laptop dies. It's really telling when someone like yourself has to keep hammering at history based on analysts fears that their status quo is being threatened. You seem to continuously ignore the present and what is ACTUALLY being said and reported in the trenches. Nvidia already warned because they knew what's ahead is confirming what they have been planning and informing the investors what has affected everyone almost equally in the industry is passing.

        So keep posting your lazy bs . . but you'll be eating it sooner than later.

      • WEAK !!!

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      how much did you short...