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  • where_is_nvidia where_is_nvidia Dec 3, 2012 12:20 PM Flag

    RUMOR; New MSFT RT tablet,,,,,,,NVDA out Qcom IN!

    Here is the source of the story that the refresh of the Microsoft Surface RT

    -- the Microsoft Surface RT 2 --

    might kick the nvidia tegra 3 chip to the curb.

    Google this boys : Three new Surface tablets in development at Microsoft, according to rumor. Digital Trends ‎- by Andy Boxall

    "There are three possible new Surface products.
    The first could be a follow-up to the existing Surface RT, but with a slightly smaller
    8.6-inch screen size and a Qualcomm processor instead of the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip
    seen in the current Surface."

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    • They already googled it before you did.

      They saw it as soon as it went up.

      Nvidia fans here like to pretend all is still good over at the tegra factory headquarters. lol

      But it ain't $26 any more is it? $11 who?


      • 1 Reply to xc3155
      • "The nvidia pumper boys saw that story as soon as it went up.
        But they didn't want to share it with the readers here.
        They like to pretend all is still good over at the tegra factory headquarters. "

        Frankly, I think that the little weaselly and conniving pumper boys were

        hoping that Nobody saw that story -- and thereby avoid a (-1.85%) plunge

        in their precious nvda stock.

        So far.

    • Looks like even more proof, boys.

      Yes, more proof.

      That Jen's wild-eyed dream of somehow attempting to compete with Qualcomm

      in the mobile chips arena has been dashed.

      Yes -- D - A - S - H - E - D -- boys.

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