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  • ibexx88 ibexx88 Dec 4, 2012 4:14 PM Flag

    JUST IN from iSuppl: global semiconductor market shares ranking, top 20


    Intel remains #1 with a negative percent change of -2.4%
    Qualcomm advanced from #6 (2011) to #3 (2012)
    Texas Instruments dropped from #3 to #4
    AMD dropped from #11 (2011) to #12 (2012)
    NVIDIA advanced from #17 (2011) to #15 (2012)
    MediaTek advanced from #21 (2011) to #17 (2012)
    Marvel dropped from #19 (2011) to #20 (2012)

    SOURCE: .isuppliDOTcom/Semiconductor-Value-Chain/News/Pages/Qualcomm-Rides-Wireless-Wave-to-Take-Third-Place-in-Global-Semiconductor-Market-in-2012.aspx

    Take the time and read the rest.

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    • "Qualcomm almost grew an entire nvidia last year."

      Good point, Best.

    • Here's the Year-to-Year Growth in 2012 Semiconductor Revenues.

      From iSuppli.

      $2.778 Billion __ Qualcomm

      $1.911 Billion __ Samsung

      $1.010 Billion __ Sony

      $0.680 Billion __ Broadcom

      $0.315 Billion __ nvidia

      Jeepers Best,

      How will little nvidia ever catch-up with Qualcomm,

      -- or anybody else for that matter --

      with nvidia's growth being so, well, peewee, meager and diminutive?

    • Good point, Best.

      Investing your hard-earned cash in the #15 smallest semiconductor maker,

      -- which nvidia is, acccording to 2012 Revenue data from iSuppli --

      in the Five (5) company semiconductor industry,

      is Not the way to achieve multi-generational wealth.

      Oh no no no.

      Capital losses for tax purposes maybe, but not multi-generational wealth.

    • So you would prefer to talk about Growth?

      Year to year.

      Okay, here's the Growth in year to year Semiconductor Revenues.

      + $2.778 Billion __ Qualcomm

      + $1.911 Billion __ Samsung

      + $1.010 Billion __ Sony

      + $680 Million ___ Broadcom

      + $315 million ___ nvidia

      No matter which way you look at it, nvidia sucks.

    • What is clear is IF nvidia Doubled in size,

      -- Yes, 100% growth in semiconductor revenues --

      they Still would not make it to the #9th smallest.

      Up from #15th smallest today.

      And being the #9 smallest in a 5 company industry

      is no where to be investing your hard-earned cash.

      Face it -- She's nothing but a rounding-error, boys.

      1.3% of the Global Market.

      Ha ha ha ha!

    • Best has read the rest.

      And what is clear is what an irrelevant rounding-error nvidia really is.

      In the Global Semiconductor Industry.

      Get out your magnifying glasses, boys, and take a look.

      1 __ Intel ______ $47,543 Billion in 2012 Semiconductor Revenues

      2 __ Samsung ___ $30,474

      3 __ Qualcomm __ $12,976

      4 __ Texas Inst __ $12,008

      5 __ Toshiba ____ $10,996

      9 __ Broadcom ___ $7,940

      15 __ nvidia _____ $3,823

      nvidia has just 1.3% of the Global Semiconductor Market.

      Ha ha ha ha!

      "We're the Global Leader in this and that don't u know."

      With a mini-scule 1.3% of the Global Market.

      What a bunch of pathetic carnival barkers.

      • 2 Replies to i_read_best
      • "__ nvidia _____ $3,823" They are still highly profitable, so who cares? I really don't see your point. Does the company state publicly that they are the global leader in semi revenue? I certainly never heard that. Additionally, you'd be stupid to buy a company solely based on gross revenues as compared to it's competitors or the industry. Where it ranks in distribution or revenue has little to do with the companies performance or future growth potential. I agree the top four controlling a 100 million is huge but that is just more lunch for Nvidia to eat in the coming years - keep in mind revenues, profits, margins and market share is indeed growing, so again I don't see your point.

      • Idiot best too stupid to realize he needs to look, inter alia, at rankings, change in rankings, growth of market in total, growth of nvda relative to it and... wait for it... the realtive market cap, profit, etc ratios REALTIVE to their share. Gawd you are one dumb shortie! You have been warned bestie but here is my prediction for you and your sock puppets for years to come: PAIN

        Cover now or be assimilated! LOL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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