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  • ibexx88 ibexx88 Dec 7, 2012 8:41 AM Flag

    Tegra 4 coming soon, HTC first in line (a few more details)


    Tegra 4 Coming Soon: HTC First in Line?
    Nvidia promises twice the power of the Tegra 3

    December 7, 2012 11:52 AM

    Nvidia is likely to present its new mobile processor, the Tegra 4, at the CES tech show in January 2013. Plus, it's rumoured that HTC will be the first smartphone-maker to out a model based on this new SoC.

    The Tegra 3 has a pretty major presence in the current tablet and smartphone markets, as Nvidia's SoC (System on Chip, a kind of all-in-one processor) powers a whole load of 2012's star products, including the Google Nexus 7, the Asus Transformer Pad TF700 and the HTC One X (to name but three!).

    The chip's successor is expected to be presented at the CES technology show in Las Vegas next month. The Tegra 4 should be faster than its predecessor, and the Tegra 3's ARM Cortex A9 architecture is set to be replaced with Cortex A15, as seen in the Samsung Exynos 5250 processor used in the Google Nexus 10.

    Tegra 4: twice the power of the Tegra 3

    This change in architecture should bring a real boost in performances. In fact, Nvidia claims that the Tegra 4 will be twice as powerful as the Tegra 3. The Samsung Exynos 5250, for example, can hold its own against the Tegra 3 even though it only has two cores, and Nvidia's new SoC is set to use four!

    Clock speeds are on the up too, as the the first quad-core Tegra 4 (T40) chips could come clocked at 1.8 GHz. By Q3 2013 we can expect to see a higher-end Tegra 4, the T43, at 2 GHz and an entry-level AP40 version at 1.2 to 1.8 GHz.

    The famous "companion core" seen in the Tegra 3 should be making an appearance again too. This "mini-CPU core" comes into action when a device is on standby. As it uses less power to run than the four main cores, it helps save battery life.

    The Tegra 4 is also likely to gain in power efficiency thanks to its 28 nm transistors (compared with 40 nm for the Tegra 3).

    HTC could out the first Tegra 4 T40 phone

    HTC is rumoured to be the first mobile maker in line to out a Tegra 4 handset. This phone is likely to be unveiled alongside the chips themselves. We'll be heading over to Las Vegas for CES 2013 to bring you all the news live from the show. Stay tuned for more information!

    Source: digitalversusDOTcom/tegra-4-coming-soon-htc-first-line-n27283.html

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    • So Mister Best?

      You'll be at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, right?

      I thought so.

      Could I ask a wee little favor of you?

      Could you pick up like a half-dozen of those nvidia Tegra #4 mousepads?

      And have Jen autograph them.

      You know -- with that nice silver MagicMarker?

      I'm betting that when the Tegra #4 launches -- without an LTE on-board modem --

      that it will, well, crater on launch.

      And that those Tegra #4 mousepads, autographed by current CEO Jen,

      might be Really Really Valuable.

      You know -- like on eBay.

      For museums of Failed Products.

      Thanks again, Mister Best!

    • I've read it a couple times now.

      ... Nvidia is likely to present... rumoured... Jen paid $1,500 bucks for the CES award... expected to be presented at the CES technology show in Las Vegas next month... unless of course the Samsung Exynos 5250 processor Wins the CES award for being the FIRST ever Cortex A15 chip... which is already ON the market don't u know... and powers the award winning Google Nexus 10... nvidia's new tegra #4 finally has twice the power of the turtle-like Tegra 3... The Samsung Exynos 5250, for example, can blow the doors off the Tegra 3 even though the probable CES award winning Samsung Exynos 5250 Cortex A15 chip has only two (2) cores versus the tegra's three... so two really speedy Samsung Cortex A15 cores handily beats nvidia's four (4) old legacy turtle-like Cortex A9 cores... The famous "Ninja core" seen in the Tegra 3 gets re-named too. For marketing purposes, don't u know. Yep, it's not called the "Ninja" anymore... Nope. That bad name has been changed to the "Companion Core" in the Tegra 4... same flawed engineering, just new marketing spin... So the "Ninja" name gets kicked to the curb in January... The Tegra 4 is also likely to gain in power efficiency thanks to TSMC finally getting their waaaaay late 28 nm process sort of working... Jen now pays for ALL the chips, the few good ones and ALL the bad ones too -- so look for nvidia's margins to continue to plunge since Jen is now paying for ALL of TSMC's scrap tegra #4's... mountains of scrap tegra #4's... HTC could be nvidia's first "launch partner" with the first Tegra 4 T40 phone... Amazing isn't it? It sure is... What those free 100k of Tegra #4 "engineering samples" can do... We'll be heading over to Las Vegas for CES 2013 to bring you all the news live from the show... Too bad Apple won't be there... Oh well, still free food and an open bar... Like for an entire week... Good roulette too... Come on seven!....

      But I don't see any mention at all about the Tegra #4 having an on-board LTE modem.

      No mention of LTE at all.

      Like Qualcomm's ever-growing Family of 14 Snapdragon processors has.

      Did ibexx88 cut that part out of the story?

      Or did Jen forget to put a selling-like-hotcakes LTE modem in this version of the tegra too.

      If so -- The tegra #4 looks like a scratch, boys.

    • Great post thanks. As I've posted recently I have the HTC One X+ wiht the Tegra3 4+1 (I use 'ninja' core for the 5th core which does the mundane tasks to save bettery life- ingenious!) and absolutley LOVE the look and speed of this phone. LOVE IT!

      I cant wait to see what the tegra 4 brings! NVDA_4_ever indeed! Long and Strong!
      Ps thx for the dividends Jen!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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