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  • Dec 7, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

    Broadcom to make LTE chips in 2013. Stock soars.

    Broadcom eyes entry into LTE chip market in 2013

    Reuters – 18 hours ago.. .

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Broadcom Corp said on Thursday that it would provide sample chips supporting the latest high-speed wireless services to its top cellphone customers in 2013.

    This could help the company compete better with bigger rival Qualcomm Inc, which is Years ahead of its rivals in Long Term Evolution (LTE), the high-speed wireless technology being adopted by wireless service providers around the world.

    Bob Rango, the company's general manager for wireless, announced Broadcom's LTE plan during the company's annual investor meeting.

    Broadcom Chief Executive Scott McGregor would not provide an estimate for the timing of the production of commercial smartphones using its LTE chips, but he included LTE in a list of "signposts" investors should look for in the next year.

    "We need to be there. We're not there today," McGregor said.

    The latest hot devices, such as the Apple Inc iPhone and Samsung Electronics Co Galaxy phones, already support LTE.

    Broadcom already supplies Apple and Samsung with chips for short-range connectivity such as Wi-Fi, but an LTE chip would help it increase the revenue it generates from each phone.

    Broadcom shares were Up 77 cents, or 2.4 percent, at $33.11 on Thursday afternoon. It announced late Wednesday that it was Raising its financial targets for the current quarter.

    Will Broadcom's new smartphone LTE chips beat nvidia's Wayne to market?

    Could well happen, boys.

    It could well happen.

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    • Couldn't Jen have just Licensed the entire LTE multi-band radio?

      Instead of spending (-$367,000,000.00) of shareholder's cash on dawdling icera?

      To try to build their own.

      Jen could have gone hat-in-hand to Qualcomm, like everybody else, and said,

      "I would like to license your entire cheap LTE multi-band radio, please."

      And Qualcomm would have said, "Why sure, little fella."

      "We have license agreements with Every wireless manufacturer on the planet."

      "That'll be a buck apiece", or some equally cheap price.

      And with Jen only making 30 million tegra chips per year, that's what,

      12 years of licensing for the $367 million price of the icera acquisition.

      Most importantly, nvidia cuda had cheap integrated LTE radios three (3) years earlier.

      Like in 2011, rather than the end of 2013.

      But no!

      Oh no no no.

      Jen's ego couldn't handle Licensing entire cheap radios from Qualcomm like everyone else.

      He's gotta Build his own, don't u know.

      And be Dead Last to Market with those selling-like-hotcakes integrated LTE chips.

      And ironically, nvidia/icera Still has to pay some licensing fees to Qualcomm for the use

      of their standard-essential patents upon which the entire global wireless industry is based.

      Ego. It blurs logical decision-making, and makes for an Expensive leader.

    • That's a great name, Best.

      "Bob Rango"

      Sounds like just the kind of guy that can deliver those LTE chips on time, as promised.

      At Broadcom's successful annual investor meeting.

      Or successfully herd cats.

      Or run a successful Chevrolet dealership.

      "Bob Rango Chevrolet"

      Why, I bet that guy could be successful at Anything.

      And Everything.

      Like GE's Jack Welch would say,

      "A good manager can successfully manage anything."

      Separately, HOW long ago was it that Jen bought wireless chip designer icera?

      For (-$367,000,000.00) of shareholder's cash.


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      • So Best?

        Since it's been Nineteen (19) Months Now since Jen over-paid for icera,

        how come nvidia is Still a year away from having a cheap integrated radio?

        It sounded so good when it was announced by carnival barker Jen.

        Way back on May 9, 2011.

        "This is a key step in NVIDIA's plans to be a major player in the mobile computing revolution," said Jen-Hsun Huang, President and CEO of NVIDIA. "Adding Icera's technology to Tegra gives us an outstanding platform to support the industry's best phones and tablets."

        "Icera is a perfect fit for NVIDIA. Our businesses are complementary. Icera has the right team, with a strong, proven track record. And their nimble, entrepreneurial, engineering-focused culture mirrors our own," he continued."

        ... adding icer's technology... outstanding platform... icera has the right team...
        ... proven track record... nimble... nvidia plans to be a major player...

        And yet it will take until the end of 2013 for icera to deliver any kind of integrated goods?

        Yes boys, another year yet.

        Clearly, Jen and his sock-puppet board got bamboozled on this icera acquisition.

        And bamboozled Badly.

        I bet the LTE design folks at Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung and Broadcom point and

        laugh at Jen's $367 million dollar Blunder.

      • "Separately, HOW long ago was it that Jen bought wireless chip designer icera?

        For (-$367,000,000.00) of shareholder's cash."


        In answer to your question, Mister Best, the purchase of icera was

        closed on June 13, 2011.

        Which is 545 days ago.

        Or One year, Five months and 26 days ago.

        Call it 18 Months ago.

        And still no "Integrated chips that pack both the application processor and the

        baseband processor, which will give us the benefits of faster time-to-market,

        better integration and enhanced performance.”

        Still waiting on that faster time-to-market hype, right Mister Best?

    • "This could help the company compete better with bigger rival Qualcomm Inc, which
      is Years ahead of its rivals in Long Term Evolution (LTE), the high-speed wireless
      technology being adopted by wireless service providers around the world.

      Bob Rango, the company's General Manager for Wireless, announced Broadcom's
      LTE plan during the company's annual investor meeting."

      That's what nvidia needs, right?

      A General Manager.

      To replace nvidia's prior General Manager that abruptly quit.

      And instantly took a much better job with Micron.

      Where the poor guy won't be quite so micro-managed to death.

      More likely his employee stock options will finish in-the-money too.

    • Pom poms, hot pants and fireworks, right whosunw?

      Yes fireworks too.

      BA BOOM !!!

      The day next year when Broadcom's fully integrated LTE chip

      kicks it's first nvidia tegra out of a device.

      BA BOOM !!!

      Pom poms, hot pants and fireworks.

    • Hello Siri.

      Hi Best, my Supreme Master!

      How can I inform you today, Master?

      When will Broadcom's fully integrated LTE chips start replacing the nvidia tegra?

      One moment, please...

      It looks like sometime next year, Best.

      Thank you, Siri.

      Anytime Best, my Supreme Master.

    • brcm just introduced quad A9s fully integrated - HSPA+, PMU, touch circuit, bluetooth/wifi/fm/gps/nfc/blah blah blah, AND reference sw + hw design. Slap yours together in 3 weeks folks! No more 9+ months to market.

      And of course, being brcm, they also have partners for the chips during announcement.

      As for their LTE, it won't be just baseband or even processor + baseband. When it comes, it will be fully integrated with everything except flash.

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      • for the first time ever, brcm is going to discrete with their baseband. The LTE chip is 28nm. They said the target is 'devices like iPhones'. Since brcm likes to play it close to their vest, I would not be a bit surprised they already won a socket at aapl.

        brcm's fully integrated solution is powering the htc One X. It also powers the Samsung Galaxy S2. It will be powering a handful of other Samsung handsets.

        That's the power of the fully integrated hw and sw solution that even Samsung has to respect that - very fast time to market and low BOM cost (while paying off the idm with nice margins).

        nvda does not have enough cheap radios to compete in the sweet spot of feature phones and low end phones. the size of the bleeding edge, after taking out top 3 in mobile plus half of google, is just too small to justify the size of the investment/losses nvda is making/taking. All of Jen's competitors are making good money while growing their sales, Jen is taking it on the chip Q in, Q out. No doubt Jen will have to fold sooner or later.

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