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  • Jan 18, 2013 10:29 PM Flag

    Dualing Websites

    So as I understand this case, and correct me if I wrong counselors,

    the defendant claimed on the global Yahoo! Finance Message Board

    for Nvidia -- that, "I am a hapless Holder of NVDA stock" -- yet at the

    same time posted on the SeekingAlpha Message Board for Nvidia,

    and OMITTED the crucial element that he is a hapless NVDA shareholder.

    Is that correct, counselors?

    "Yes, your Honor."

    "Umble mumble mumble"

    Speak up now, defendant's counselor, and quit mumbling at your feet.

    Ya-ya-ya yes, your Honor, my client IS guilty.

    Seeing no other lame defenses, we move to my ruling in this case.

    Mister ashraf.eassa, I Judge Best sentence you to the B.S. Don't Fly List.

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