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  • j7777kxx j7777kxx Jan 23, 2013 12:00 PM Flag

    I Know Some Do Not Like To Hear The Words BuyOut

    But at what point does the cash on Nvidia's books make the stock attractive!

    Now: $5.50 a share
    Jan 2013 - $6.30
    Feb 2014 - $7.70
    and on an on.

    Could get even higher with gross margins still climbing up from 46% to 53% as AMD exits the standard graphics business. We are nearing the end of the science fair project's heavy spending.

    Perhaps...Nvidia's plan is roll into 2015 with $5B in cash when CD's are paying 3% again and double profits that way.

    Has a nice ring to it "The Bank of Nvidia"

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    • Google -- They bought motor for getting into the tab/phone market. They use NVDA chips already so synergies are already in thought. But if the NVDA Shield starts to wield power and takes off it runs off there system. Google could buy that from them separately or just by the whole company and use the chips as a synergy on their own product line ATM. Would have to be around 17 to make worth time and they have money in the side pocket to look around at future aspects. Who ever thought Microsoft would enter the game market and dominate. If Android starts taking off as its happening more and more annually why not.... ?

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      • Excellent Point.
        I can see another company buying Nvidia but first we need to see a 13F by someone #$%$ owner. Also they would want it cheap so say $16 a share tops! Total cost after deducting cash something like $5B. They could float a 5 year bond at less than 1% like Microsoft did and pay it off in 5 years from the Intel Royalties and cash flow and still have 100's of millions left over.

        Much more potential as a Leveraged Buyout by Nvidia's management and the Board. I mean what else could they be planning to do with all that cash that keeps growing and growing!

        Anybody else notice how Jensen has taken an abrupt back seat this last year and their phone guy Mike Rayfield left. Of course they could as I said just be waiting for CD's to pay 3% and double the profits that way....."Bank of Nvidia"

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