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  • j7777kxx j7777kxx Feb 10, 2013 12:10 PM Flag

    Is Intel's Haswell A Has Been?

    It doesn't happen that often but a decent article appeared today on Seeking Alpha.


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    • No, it is the greatest Intel processor design since the Core 2 (Conroe/Merom). It will simultaneously lay devastating blows on AMD, ARM and NVDA.

      None of these companies will ever be the same again so be afraid ... very afraid ;-).

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      • Nothing like that best thing in the world selling at the highest price ever in an expensive PC that no one will pay for unless they are a gamer and then they will opt for high powered Nvidia discrete GPU and let Optimus turn off the graphics part of Haswell or use the cheaper Sandy Bridge microprocessor.

        Core Duo's are more than good enough today for consumer PC's. That really was a good fit for the market when they came out. Much Cheaper too.

        P.S. Your rant against ARM in servers is misdirected. Jensen said Nvidia has no attention of entering that market. Said they are looking at some Tesla products with ARM CPUs for HPC. That's all.

        someone was just making fun of your love of Intel. Intel is safe in servers for years to come.

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    • Intel's reference design ultrabook at the ces had a detachable screen that could be used as a tablet. The screen was 10mm thick, nearly the same as apple's ipad and had battery life of seven hours. With the keypad, it had 13 hours run time.

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