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  • joshpritchard Feb 15, 2013 6:20 PM Flag

    Sizeable volume in $13.50, $14 calls expiring next friday

    Volume in the Weekly Feb 22 calls was pretty crazy today--over 1K contracts traded in the 13.5s & over 3700 of the $14 calls (albeit at premium of just 2 cents). Don't know how the OI settled yet but looks like someone was making a bet on a big short-term move (or trying to signal as much). Hard to know if anything can be taken away from this other than that there was a lot of volume in these near-dated OTM calls, but barring more manipulation, extreme speculation, fat fingers, or some combination of the three, it'd seem someone thinks there's news coming imminently.

    I wasn't watching the volume as it progressed through the day and don't have a tool to show me the timing of the trades -- was anyone else watching and/or do you know when the volume came in?

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    • I would bet we get close to touching $14's this week but close under $13.50

    • I'm not sure what's the reason for suddenly posting so much on this board when you could be putting together articles for SA instead which is what I thought you had been doing. You have plenty of information and are clearly digging into as many sources as you can for Nvidia which is good. However, you seem to be really thin-skinned when it comes to criticism and take even a comment that was meant to point out a positive correction to one of your assessments, not something patronizing at all. If I got the same comment, I wouldn't have thought it was patronizing at all. You seem to be pretty young because your sensitivity to any criticism is really high. Since you've apparently blocked me, you won't be seeing this but thought to post here quickly when I have a chance. Be careful about what you assume about anyone on here with regard to your posts, ie I think you assume I'm a 'retail' trader with limited experience in trading or a non-critical perma bull regarding Nvidia or something like that. That isn't really the case but it doesn't matter at this point.

      The volume on the calls is interesting because it reflects what I suspected would be happening in the last half of this month as MWC approaches. Jen has been intentionally coy IMO and really is showing the wisdom of sharing less at the earnings CC's. I think the pattern is being set to continue to outperform estimates at every earnings report while underestimating every forthcoming quarter. Every road map shown by a company evolves and so is Nvidia's road map and it is really impossible to follow the exact plan for any company imo because of the hurdles just get harder as the performance benchmarks start pushing a limit imo which is why I think Apple and others rarely show their 'maps' to the public, just the results. These calls are anticipating news for sure. These next two weeks should be interesting. I'm expecting a couple of dips early next week before it surges up, perhaps over $14 the last week this month. We'll see.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • "I'm not sure what's the reason for suddenly posting so much on this board when you could be putting together articles for SA instead which is what I thought you had been doing."

        I haven't seen Josh post any articles on S/A. Josh has probably just become interested in Nvidia, invested in it, has some time and trying to learn more. Ashraf is the S/A writer and he's making a good living at it one click at a time. Excellent writing skills and quite prolific. Not sure if his investment advice is any good though but that's not what S/A is for.

        Just an aside and don't laugh...I am going to praise something that Motley Fool does but you might already know about it. Notice it years ago but don't look there anymore. They have a section where unpaid writers post their trades and then a system that ranks those trades against indices. That way when reading posted articles recommending certain stocks etc. one can see how well their recommendations have been. Wish S/A would do the same but again that's not what S/A is for. It's a media operation like all websites supported by google sense. What I have noticed after about a year or so their top writers move on to paid salary writing positions at other web sites such as "The Street" or "Forbes" or set up their own Blogs and run their own google adsense business. I'm referring to the Journalists not the investment advisers that are trolling for customers.

      • joshpritchard Feb 15, 2013 10:36 PM Flag

        you're confused, i've never written an SA article in my life. another Josh perhaps? not reading the rest of your post since apparently you have had me confused with someone else all along.

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