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  • joshpritchard Feb 26, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    expected some design wins by now

    we have vizio tab from CES, ZTE announcing plans ahead of MWC saying they're planning to release the first Tegra 4 phones, and we have Nvidia building the shield. We have seen amazing benchmark scores published by Anandtech and others. We have highly edited & choppy demo videos of the Phoenix reference design phone... anything I've missed so far? Expected more news by now. The chip sounds amazing... but where are the design wins that have been discussed on the CC? I know NVDA PR isn't resting, so is this their sales team unable to do their jobs?

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    • Josh,
      Relax......You should be getting a really big dividend check soon. Deigns win will come.But we are in the PR stage where Qualcomm marketing launches snapdragon S800 chips in demo phones powered by Tegra 3's. Soon will be past this stage and all the power BS.

      By the Way I do not know how long you have been following Nvidia but you might know that Charlie trashed Kepler graphics right up to the point he announce that Apple was going to use Nvidia GPUs...albeit 2 weeks after everyone else knew it.

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      • joshpritchard Feb 26, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

        :-) I'm less agitated than I might sound... but frankly the Tegra 4 seems MORE impressive than I expected. So I'm scratching my head wondering why there haven't been more announcements or at least rumors of them. I'm sure the devices will come. And I'm actually relatively more excited about the Shield's prospects after watching Sony's PS4 event last week. But you know, I just think Nvidia's got a lot more going on than the stock is reflecting. I have a relatively tiny bit of exposure to nearer-dated calls (march and june), so I'm a little disappointed that those will probably have to be sold at a loss given time decay and no move in the stock... but otherwise I'm fine just sitting back on the common and leaps and I'll probably just shut up on the boards soon.

        Dividend payments are nice, though. I'm expecting more capital appreciation here though... and have been for a while. Have Jan 2014 and Jan 2015 calls in addition to common, feel good about those, but am admittedly confused by how things have played out from CES through this point. Granted, my expectations were lofty. And it's great that the stock didn't get punished for the lower-than-consensus Q1 guidance... but Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i both sound so good to me that I'm left wondering if I've just been somewhat bamboozled by NVDA's marketing prowess.

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