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  • ibexx ibexx Feb 28, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Antutu score: 24249

    By comparison, Tegra 4 registers 36489 on Aututu benchmark - virtually the same number by more than a dozen of tech journalists at MWC 2013.

    Exynos 5 Octa lags Tegra 4 by 33%, not to mention the thermal and lTE compatibility issues.


    SOURCE: itproportalDOTcom/2013/02/28/mwc-2013-exclusive-samsung-exynos-5-octa-soc-reaches-24249-antutu-benchmark/

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    • Tegra 4 test with tablets not being held
      Exynos 5 test with an actual phone
      Lenovo K900 (intel powered) phone scored 25,138 (on video at MWC)

    • Intel's I7 is even more powerful than T4, but this power has its price. We don't have a winner until there is an independent benchmark for energy drain.

    • Good find! But not too surprising - I don't think they can run the clock as high as T4 - they would need to install a fire hydrant right above it before trying :)

      This more or less confirms T4's lead for the next 2 Years! It would take everybody else to use 20nm technology to run it cooler. T4 is MAGIC! Don't be surprise with a dual A15 at higher clock rates in a phone instead due to the heat issue with Quads.

      At 20nm the generic A15 guys would finally be able to match T4 at 28nm but by then the T4 as is in 20nm can run at an even higher clock cycle and still draw less power than it is today! :) So T4 really have a 3 to 4 years lead!! Awesome Awesome Awesome

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      • T4 was not tested in a production tablet that has power management. It uses the same generic A15 core as the Exynos 5 Octa and there is no reason to believe these scores will be duplicated in a production tablet as they will not have 4 cores running at 1.9 GHz as this test device did. What is being shown here in reality is what the Project Shield Controller is capable of as it has a meaty enough heatsink and fan not to be clock throttled.

      • Hmmm, I'm surprised that the T4 is so much better in performance. I expected the octo-core to have the performance edge, at least for burst performance until the package heated up and power capping kicked in.

        Don't expect the T4 to remain the performance leader for two years though. I don't see any likely competitors, which might give them a full six months.

        In a slower moving market, the next battle would be with a 64 bit ARMv8 implementation. But there is too much at stake to allow Nvidia to be on top until the end of the year.

      • You said, "not surprising!".

        Well, up until now, most tech journalists had assumed that Exynos 5 Octa would performa at the same level as Tegra 4 - or even better, since there are 8 cores in octa.

        This goes to show the ignorance and audacity of most tech pundits who don't even understand that only 4 A15 cores in Exynos Octa are performing cores, and the rest are for house keeping chores/energy management.

        I do think that this revelation would surprise some analysts and tech writers.

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