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  • kvimax1 kvimax1 Mar 13, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    The THIRD "shot across the bow".

    I was out most of the afternoon, and was QUITE surprised when I got back and saw the options shorts were able to take the stock back to unchanged, all in the last hour. However, in contrast to the other two spikes to 13, last week, the stock spent a GOOD part of the day at 12.89-90...just look at the chart to the right of this board. And, I was also stunned to see that almost NO March 13 calls traded after I posted around 1:30PM! NONE! So, the OI probably remains at 45-50k calls, and we'll know in the morning.

    Now, some of you may have seen the SPIKE in BBRY, around 3:20, and the volume went from 35mm shares to 57mm shares in 20 minutes!!! And, the next 20 minutes took it to 82mm shares. The stock jumped 8.15% and then another 2.62% in the after market.

    It took ONE headline to get this to happen and that IS what's going to happen in NVDA, with all deference to Frank, Mslans, and several others that are ready to give up. It may have to wait until next be it. I'll lose a little on the March 13s that I bought, but my stock position is significant and that's what really matters.

    That said, I WOULD like to see these options "snakes" get RUN OVER, just once, so that the game of selling calls "with impunity" will finally end. I'm JUST as frustrated as any of you, but please don't give up. Everything is "aligned" for the stock to do what BBRY and others have recently done, and even though those snakes survived another day, they have TWO days to go, and you can bet your last nickel that they were VERY nervous, this morning, given the spike that I was looking for and the surge in volume. They threw over 4mm shares at the stock in the last hour, and walked it back down.

    Who has the deeper pockets, the Bulls or the Bears? With NVDA likely putting a "floor" under the stock, and John's probably right about another ASR or larger buyback, it depends on what the Big PMs at Fidelity, Paul Tudor Jones and others decide to do. I'm SURE THEIR pockets are deeper .


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    • Breakout may happen in a month if NVDA start to have big design win announcements. It would be great to hear AMZN, HP, GOOG, & AAPL to use T4 in their slates and T4i in Google Phone (Mot X), HPphone & main stream low cost iPhone. Without confirmed news, you need to get use to dance with hedge fund players on all the rumors.

    • How many shots across the bow is it now, kvimax1? I'm not feeling a breakout anytime soon -- no matter what Jen says at next week's conference. (The spinners will likely spin his words, anyway.) Investors in this stock need something more than patience. It would help to be a Buddhist monk...

    • I would think you refer to me when you say Frank.
      However I am not discouraged a bit and have no intention to give up or the like and I believe my posts support this stance. I am probably old school character with patience built in. First and foremost I subscribe to many of Peter Lynch's values for investments. I focus on the company first (fundamentals) and the pps a distant second.
      Of course I judge pps against fundamentals and potential growth and I like what I find regarding Nvidia.
      Being able to use and evaluate their products makes the investment within my circle of competence.
      I am excited to see what Nvidia does in the next two years and I am confident the pps will be much higher then.

      Take care all

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      • Hey, Frank! Yes, my apologies since I was STUNNED when I thought YOU had turned away from the stock, but it WAS someone else. I've always thought of you as a tech expert, with real-life experience, so I was worried when the person I thought was you said they were giving up.

        I've just gotten back from running around all morning, and as I've tried to say, the ONLY time of the day that REALLY matters is the FINAL HOUR. The rest is NOISE.

        So, volume IS higher than this time, yesterday, and there have been a LOT of blocks, and the attempt to take the stock down and hold it there isn't working, so far. Perhaps, we'll get the OPPOSITE of yesterday, and finish at the highs of the day. For that to happen we'll likely need to see volume back over 12-15mm shares.

        The game is NOT over for this week until 4PM, Friday.

        As always, we'll know in the fullness of time.

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    • I'm still not feeling a breakout, kvimax1, even in this blistering hot market. How's NVDA gonna fare when the correction comes? Yes, this is beyond frustrating...

    • It appears the asr has given shorts free rein. No fear of the company stepping in and buying. Just their investment banker buddies. Which would you rather be locked in a room with a rattlesnake a black mamba or an investment banker?
      This is the first thing that makes me doubt this company.

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      • ??, doubting the company because we are in a relatively quiet period as we wait for mor eproduct launches after an outlook that says things turn up the 2nd half (not this quarter). I'm glad for the excitement this week with the potential pop leading up to an apparent announcement on the 19th, but really, the stock holding in the mid to upper 12's now is a good thing. We're fine.

        I don't get the doubts about a company just because the stock isn't popping fast enough . .

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    • What about naked shorts? I agree they can't hold it down forever, but supply and demand doesn't work when there is a bottomless supply. . .

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