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  • fdigiovanni01 fdigiovanni01 Mar 14, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    there are major issues with NVDA

    who is selling or shorting?? How do you keep a stock locked in a $1 trading range for half a year?? Who can do that? Are there massive computer trading programs designed just to trade NVDA stock??

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    • look at mircosoft / intel both have been locked in a narrow tradeing range for years and both are solid going foward co's. but to answer your question , it's called the stock market! There is no guarantees and I love NVDA I to wish it were different

    • When this stock descended from 26 it left a lot of resistance points and long term moving averages above it which have to be forced through and worked through if you want to make upward progress, it's going to be a long hard slog and I have told you guys about it before. Currently the stock has been butting against the 250 MA during March which is currently at 12.86 which was your high today. The 500 MA also stopped you last August at just under 15 and which is now 14.07.


      You also have the following recent fixed resistance points above you but there are older ones as there are longer term moving averages above the 500 like the 600. You need unexpectedly good news or execution to provide the battering ram to break all this resistance, normal trading obviously has not done the job so far.


      CURRENT PRICE 12.76, at resistance or support, 12.72 ± 0.18, type Triple, strength 7

      RESISTANCE ABOVE +2.5% at 13.08 ± 0.18, type Triple, strength 6
      +5.6% at 13.47 ± 0.19, type Double, strength 8
      +15.2% at 14.7 ± 0.21, type Double, strength 9

      SUPPORT BELOW -3.2% at 12.35 ± 0.17, type Double, strength 10
      -5.3% at 12.08 ± 0.17, type Triple+, strength 10
      -8.9% at 11.62 ± 0.16, type Single, strength 8

    • You may recall Barclays creating a new investment vehicle that basically bets on Nvidia being locked in a certain range. As a first equity for this new vehicle they chose Nvidia - now tell me if they aren't busy trading it both ways and calling up all their buddies - tech writers, analysts etc to drive it their way.

      It's kind of sickening the way they game the market - like the mortgage derivatives that are now illegal.

    • Your question is really the question I would love someone to answer. Given the circumstances in which the company is in now, which are mostly very positive, the only explanation that comes to mind is that the company's employees are exercising massive amounts of stock options. if anyone has a better reason, please be generous enough to share.

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