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  • o.investor o.investor May 10, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Get real

    This stock is played out - Overbought RSI and Stochastics.

    QCOM does $6B+ in Qtrly revenue. NVDA is threatening to break below $100M mark on Tegra.

    Sold at 14.50 - thank you very much! Buy back in 12s.

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    • O - I doubt we see 12's again if so I'd back the truck up and load up. I would be happy to see a pullback to mid 13's to recover the assigned block I will lose next week and that may not be likely barring an overall correction - which we are due for. Either way the stock is worth 18 based on potential revenue and is undervalued even at current revenue - technicals aside. The only thing that could be perceived as negative is their redefinition of the Tegra TAM - apparently automotives is going to be a larger driver of revenue than I thought in lieu of say high end smart phones. I know they won the next ford/ms contract for the sync apps processor so this does appear to be the case.

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      • Hello brokey - its been a while. NVDA is a certified heart breaker - I wish the stock performance could match the hype. It did for a while when they came out with Tegra-2 few years ago. I think it doubled in a few weeks. But the market is tired with PC chip companies. I am actually surprised that NVDA has relatively underperformed both AMD and INTC and so was glad to take 14.5 for now.

        BTW, I was spot-on calling carrier certification challenges. And I can now confidently state that NVDA has been overplaying their hand with soft-modem story. Its hard for a programmable solution to beat a purpose built ASIC - thems just the facts.

    • It's not likely to go below $12 this year. Aggressive buyback has become one of the drive force for the price to go higher. Yesterday's conference had told trough on Q2 and Tegra revenue was way way down but the stock price jump +4.53% higher with big volume today. After all bad news has come out, what's next? The new real of NVDA might be way above $15. IMHO

    • "NVDA is threatening to break below $100M mark on Tegra."

      this has been what I,ve been predicting since the cc last Nov.

      "How do you model the Tegras?"

      and miracle! Jen says he's breaking even on Tegra, instead of losing $100M/Q!!

      see, there's pie in the sky after all.

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      • at this point Jen can say anything he wants - he has lost credibility with the street.

        Tegra has been a middling disaster (when compared to hype and build-up). Facts are that OEMs have elected to not use Tegra 4. They can spin it any way they want to. In a way, its a good thing for Nvidia because gross margins are up due to lack of Tegra sales.

        Why do you think TXN got out of this business?

        Much as I dislike a QCOM monopoly, facts are that Nvidia has no chance to make a dent in this market now. They will continue to do well in niche areas. BTW, Shield will probably do well initially.

    • sure you sold at hod. keep dreaming about 12

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