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  • ltenow ltenow Jun 2, 2013 1:47 AM Flag

    Clobbered and Bashed Trails

    Can Intel Continue Its Path Towards Higher Prices? WSCS

    This guy actually laid out the data instead of writing copious amounts of nonsense opinions -

    Decreasing Earnings & Revenue last 4 Quarters! It's downhill from here on - mobile simply keeps their fabs busy for revenue at low GM if they are half way successful at it. GM will be compressed more rapidly - they need to buy more McAfees with GMs of 75% to hide and slow down the GM compression.

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    • you know it's funny . . . , the volume of chatter than intel can generate around a new launch is immense. Funny thing is it's mostly noise. Some bits of the noise might have some nugget in it, but history shows those nuggets don't add up to much. And yet there are many many Intel koolaid drinkers in the world telling you those nuggets are momentous. Thanks for keeping it real.

    • Geez whats this to do with NVDA? Well certainly doesn't look like NVDA is getting squeeze by Intel or AMD - Revenue pretty much flat to positive and earnings and margins improving overall. Going forward - undoubtedly will improve further.

      At the high end PC/NB - NVDA will do as well as Intel or better going forward as it takes market share from AMD and it looks like it might even do better then the expensive high end Haswell GPU/CPU by providing a lower cost higher performance GPU/CPU combo. On the mobile stuff NVDA will do very well whilst securing 50% GM. On the GRID, VCA and Tesla - NVDA has no competition.

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