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  • ibexx ibexx Oct 2, 2013 2:49 PM Flag

    NVIDIA announces "console slaying" PC program

    NVIDIA has announced a range of extremely high-end ‘Battlebox’ PCs in collaboration with a number of OEMs.

    In what seems to be a warning shot to AMD over its success in the console industry, with AMD getting its graphics chips in all three next-gen consoles, NVIDIA is introducing this new range of monster PCs that look to leave the consoles in the dark, and your wallet begging for mercy…

    Obviously still feeling bitter about the way in which the next-gen is panning out, NVIDIA hypes up the hugely anticipated Watch Dogs on its monstrously powerful new PCs, claiming they will have
    “better-than-next-gen graphics, backed by HBAO+, and TXAA”. To the uninitiated among us, HBAO is Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion, and it’s set to bring the beat-down on AMD’s puny console chips.

    The Battlebox program is intended to set you up for the next generation of gaming, and for those of you offended by the mediocrity of your current display, supports full 4K gaming with some impressive results. Just a quick heads-up, some of these militant beasts feature two GTX Titans in SLI, so prepare to sell a kidney on the black market to get one of these.

    Have no fear though, for NVIDIA assure that this will provide you with “console-destroying graphics”, “Black Flag has graphics better than those of any next-gen consoles, and “Call of Duty: Ghosts has the best graphics of any system”. Calm down on the hyperbole NVIDIA, you’ll blow a gasket.

    Each GeForce GTX Battlebox will feature GeForce GTX 780 and GTX TITANs GPUs in 2 or 3-Way SLI configurations, supported by Intel i7 CPUs, advanced cooling systems, high-speed DDR3 RAM to assist with overclocking, and the latest high-speed SSDs. Phew, quite a lot chucked in there then.


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