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  • shorty_0_0_7 shorty_0_0_7 Feb 11, 1999 9:34 PM Flag

    How will Nvidia supply Dell?

    STB has supplied Nvidia cards to Dell for the
    past year or so. But they can't in the future because
    3Dfx bought STB. Looks like Diamond is pimping S3
    Savage to OEMs. That leaves Creative.

    How can
    Creative compete with STB? STB can build cards to order
    with facilities next to Dell and Gateway. Creative
    doesn't even supply sound cards to

    Considering Nvidia has sucked on the OEM tit up to this
    point, what's going to happen when they are yanked off
    in the next OEM cycle?

    Any Nvidia longs care
    to comment on this "minor" detail?

    A company
    with no OEMs, minimal retail share, and a $560 million
    market cap.

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