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  • hurlbertdj hurlbertdj Feb 15, 1999 2:54 AM Flag


    Well if you think that less than 10% of gamers
    are going to use 16 bit over 32 bit well explain
    this. Here is a comment from a popular gaming site
    about 32 bit:
    "ATI took detailed care in providing
    excellent 32-bit color performance. Hats off to them for
    showing this gamer the vast difference between 16 and
    32-bit color depth. I don't think I can go back to 16
    bit after viewing this awesome product in
    I dont know if you are a gamer or not, who cares if
    you are getting 60fps with a V3 when the human eye
    can tell above 30 anyway. 32 bit color is going to
    dominate 16 bit color.
    We will see in a few months
    who's laughing.

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    • I hope that he CAN go back to 16 bit in a few
      months when some new game brings his 32bit card to its

      There is no such thing as too many FPS. A high frame
      rate card lasts longer, plain and simple. THe card
      that gets 100fps today will probably get 30fps on next
      years games. Anyone with a 32 bit card that can't be
      turned down to 16 will be playing games a year from now
      with all the detail turned down, just so they have an
      acceptable frame rate.

      It amazes me that people try
      to diminish the importance of frame rates with crap
      about how the eye cant detect more than

      Of course, if you buy a new card each year, the TNT
      was probably a smart thing to get last


      • 1 Reply to rmanning97
      • A couple faculty at Harvard did a study on IPO
        share prices in the years following the IPO. They
        determined that somthing like 80% (if I remember correctly)
        tank BIG TIME in the first 2 years.

        THe reason
        is quite simple: companies go public to raise $$.
        The underwriters bank-roll it to make $$ too. They
        SET the IPO price and heavily hype the stock. They
        choose to go public when everything is rosy, and when
        they have saved up enough good news to pump up the

        THe honeymoon period of an IPO on any exchange is a
        temporary suspension of realistic market valuations. New
        companies are full of promise, lacking any bad history
        (that is not really true, but people don't generally
        delve into the years prior to the IPO). people have an
        inate desire to get in on the ground floor of the next
        MSFT. Guess what... the ground floor is already
        occupied by the insiders and venture capitalists!

        If you really like that shiny new IPO, just wait for
        it to take a tumble before you buy in. THey all


    • >> I dont know if you are a gamer or not,
      who cares if you are getting 60fps with a V3 when the
      human eye can tell above 30 anyway.

      Since when can the human eye not see past

      Television signals transmit at 60hz interlaced and employ
      motion blur even at that.

      Why do people run there
      monitors at 75Hz, 85Hz, or 100Hz?

      More importantly
      however, benchmarks record an average fps - meaning 30fps
      could actually be 30fps plus or minus 15fps. And when
      the framerate goes down to 15fps, trust me - you'll
      notice. Running at 60fps or higher ensures that you will
      never go below 40fps (for example.) If you are running
      at 30fps, there will be many instances where the
      game could drop down to 15fps if there is a lot of
      action going on screen.

    • Isn't this getting just a WEE bit old

      Look, there are 3 types of people:

      1) 32-bit
      color ROCKS!
      2) I can't tell the difference between
      16 and 32
      3) WTF is a bit??

      Number 3 is
      WAY in the majority. Think about it- how many people
      do you know that don't know much about computers
      that actually purposely set their desktop colors to
      even 16-bit? It's not one of those things that most
      people understand.

      Even if they do happen to hear
      the argument somewhere and decide to try it, how much
      do you want to bet they'll grab a 16-bit only title
      and not understand why it doesn't look any better
      with this card?

      You obviously haven't worked
      with the general public on computers too much- read
      some of the tech support nightmare calls out there,
      and then talk to me about little Johnny Jr. purposely
      putting his TNT card in 32-bit color..

      anyways, WHO GIVES A RATS?? I could give a crap what your
      video card does compared to mine- what matters

      I'm betting the answer
      to that is a profound NO. You bet yes. Who cares?
      We'll all find out within a few months time.

      and your little comment about 30/60 fps is pretty
      stupid considering that you're talking about color depth
      being the main selling point of your card. Go look at
      the 3dfx demo of 30/60 fps and then talk to me about
      "No difference".

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