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  • hurlbertdj hurlbertdj Feb 15, 1999 3:27 AM Flag


    Here are a few more quotes from extremely well
    known game makers about the Voodoo 3
    John Carmack,
    maker of Doom and Quake series:
    Voodoo3 will be in
    the ballgame with TNT, rage-128, and permedia 3, but
    it will be the most limited of the bunch. It will
    likely trade off somewhat higher delivered performance
    against the loss of flexibility. 3dfx downplays 24 bit
    color because they don't have it. NVidia downplayed
    per-pixel mipmapping when they didn't have it with NV3.
    PowerVR downplayed bilinear filtering when they didn't
    have it with PCX1. Etc. If there isn't any blending or
    textures with alpha involved, the internal 24 bit
    rendering (just like current voodoo cards) dithered into a
    16 bit framebuffer looks reasonably close to a full
    24 bit path. Blend a couple layers of thin clouds
    over an environment box and you will think you are
    back in 8 bit color...
    Patrick Moynihan:
    I hate
    16-bit rendering. It makes rendered scenes look like
    crap. Smooth gradations of color and light get broken
    up into visible patches and bands of color. This can
    be partially remedied by using a dithering algorithm
    to smooth the gradations when converting from the
    internal 32-bit render to the 16-bit output. But then you
    end up with a crappy dithered mess, especially
    noticeable at lower resolutions. The effect is less
    pronounced at higher resolutions, but still there. I love
    the speed of 3DFX's cards, but nVidia has proven
    (with the TNT chipset) that you can bring kick-ass
    24-bit rendering to the desktop with incredible
    performance. Get with the program, 3DFX.
    Kick Engine's
    The lack of 24/32 bit rendering is a major
    disappointment 3DFX now have the worst image quality of any of
    the major chipsets and are doing nothing to address
    this. There's more to graphics card than just it's
    fillrate. Also the maximum texture size is becoming a
    serious weakness and still no stencil buffer, I see. Also
    32 bit internal rendering means nothing, if the
    source texture starts of in 16-bit colour, the output
    quality can not be better than the input quality. In
    fact, with multi-texturing the output quality will be
    far worse, more like 12 bit quality. With a faster
    TNT on the way and cards like the Rage 128 and
    Permedia 3 coming, the Voodoo3 card looks very poor
    indeed. If all you want to do is play Quake2 at 60fps,
    then it's a good choice but for anything else, I'd
    give it a miss.

    I dont know about you....but I
    am going to bet on the 32bit cards.

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