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  • hurlbertdj hurlbertdj Feb 17, 1999 4:40 PM Flag

    Voodoo 3

    For all you who think that gamers dont care about
    32bit video cards read this

    This poll asks what you are looking for in your next
    video card:
    85.1% single pass multitexturing *

    88.7% true color (32-bit) rendering * TNT2 has Voodoo 3
    74.7% AGP texturing TNT2 has Voodoo 3 doesnt
    high resolution textures (>=512x512) * TNT2 has
    Voodoo3 doesnt
    78.9% stencil buffer (for realtime
    shadows) * TNT2 has Voodoo3 doesnt
    77.8% accurate
    z-buffer (more than 16 bit) * TNT2 has Voodoo3

    Here is another review on the Voodoo

    Here are a few quotes:
    "Being an owner of a RIVA
    TNT I have seen the difference between 16 bit and 32
    bit rendering and believe me in games like Unreal,
    SiN and most other new games, it makes a world of
    "Just recently the core speed for the TNT-2 was raised
    from 125 MHz to 143 MHz, this along with the inclusion
    of every one of the features lacking in the Voodoo 3
    will make the TNT-2 a better gaming card in my

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    • Stop comparing a chip less then a month away from
      shipping, to one that nobody has even seen a beta form of.
      The TNT-2 will be lucky if it delivers on the
      ORIGINAL TNT's promised expectations. And it will be twice
      as lucky if its out before this

      Besides this poll you refer to hardly represents what
      'Joe Consumer' thinks. Only what a few zealots that
      read obscure gaming web sites think.

      Come back
      and post on this forum when you have something
      inteligent and meaningfull to say.

    • Nice poll- now try it on 200 AVERAGE gamers- not
      the ones that surf the net everyday enough find the
      latest info about EVERYTHING.

      Do yourself a favor
      and take a little mini-poll at a CompUSA and Best Buy
      one weekend. Ask them about your favorite (and least
      favorite) cards and see what they think they need for

      Here's my prediction:
      70%-That 3dfx
      10%-ATI/S3 crap- games don't need a $200 card. What's a
      7%-That Diamond/Creative Labs one that's on the
      3%-The fastest/best board on the market..whichever that

      Then tell them that the TNT 2 will be $170 but the V3
      will be $129. Ask the same question. Repeat, rinse. If
      more then 10 people know WTF multitexturing or 32-bit
      color is, I'll be amazed. I used to work in retail for
      more then a year- I know these things.

      Oh, and
      by the way- I'm sure we can all agree that you can
      find a review for and against any Nvidia, S3 and 3dfx

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