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  • nerxhaswonitsover nerxhaswonitsover Jan 23, 2002 6:52 PM Flag

    I have heard the Frog is hurting

    Pretty badly.

    He was asked to take a tough assignment, as always, he took it on. I have heard he is barred from posting, but that he does read the resident intellectuals with a lot of joy.

    He told me to say thank you. He has met the rubber room and the boss put their foot down regarding his treatment. I know mental illness makes most people cringe, but I also know that Frog, like most, is a very good human being.

    The guy is really hurting, he wants to save his sister, but all he can do is watch a gruesome death. The well is running dry...he needs a puddle.

    Blue moon, nirvana, and a few others, he has NEVER asked for anything in his whole life, please keep posting? He loves the message board - and he knows he was getting testy and rude - that is not his style, believe me?

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    • this is not to say there is not truth in what you say from time to time, but the way you apply those truths isn't in a manor that is constructive. They often have wrong numbers and no source to back up the quotes.

      criticize nerx all you want, just provide source when using numbers and quotes and provide the link aka URL.

      or as you "sometimes" do, tell that it is your opinion.

      here's a sample for you ... one mind you, there are several if I spend the time to go back, they are all still there ... I chose a mild one and one where the error is in favor of your criticism of Nerx.

      nerx paid bay city $600,000 to broker the deal, just like Frog said.

      you subtracted the $600,000 instead of adding it.

      try $13.9 million instead of your $12.7 million

      the point is your numbers are frequently off, cause you dont keep up with Nerx the company.

      meaning, some of your philosophies on the industry will always apply to nerx, but you just never get nerxs' numbers straight cause you don't know nerx as well as you know the industry.

      one day one of the small details you always let go by will bite you and you will wake up short with nerx at $45.

      a mistake on the short side is very dangerous.

      whether you can play it perfect or not, why tell others to do it, when it is so dangerous.

      the potential loss is huge.

      I hope when you short nerx you have a long position to back it up since options aren't availavble, others may not be that smart, so don't mislead them, they might lose the farm.

      when posting on this board, expect your numbers and quotes to be checked, provide your source.

      Please !

      your opinion is welcome

      you misleading others is not


      Go Nerx!

    • please cut and paste my quote and the URL where you have accused me, of bashing the Gay community. I'll be waiting.

      so now your saying that since none of your friends are mentally ill, that it is ok to bash the mentally ill, but since some of your friends are Gay it's not ok to bash the Gay community ?

      your a real dirtbag ! .... a hypocrite and a dirtbag !

      you may want to look up the word bashing, your dictionary obviously is missing that page.

      just in case your dog ate it , here ya go ...

      v. intr. Informal

      To engage in harsh, accusatory, threatening criticism.

      what I did do is make fun of your name, but your too smart to understand that.

      ya mon', I be makin fun ov yo name, mon', butt you too smat too know the diffence, Mister MyGayMon'. maybe I bake out the VooDoo doll and a staight peen ! I put a curse on you, all you shorts to $1000 mon'.

      for a moment lets say that it was bashing, the only accusation and/or criticism that can be derived from the subject line is, the implication that you might be Gay, hardly bashing of the Gay community, UNLESS !, they don't want you either, then they actually might be offended by the implication you might be Gay too, but I'd have to have known that before for it to be bashing.

      why do I despise you ?, cause you mislead people with false information and lies, at least you never back up your numbers with a source, and your resume doesn't count as a source.

      and you berate the disabled.


      here(link below) you tell everyone "NOT" to buy Nerx because the stock will be @ $2.00 in 60 days, and it would be foolish to buy Nerx that day.. which was Nov. 7th.

      well, as we all know, the following week it went to $6.00.

      GOOD CALL GAMEY ! you were "very predictable" on Nerx,... snicker ... NOT !

      It is now more than 60 days since your demand that we all sell and wait for $2.00. and what fools we were to not follow your advice.

      who's the fool now ?

      I have already told you and this board several times, that I consider Nerx to ba a long shot and I am in this till at least Q4 2003, that is if they're still here then.

      I don't daytrade nerx, nor do I swing trade Nerx, nor do I short Nerx.

      what part of the above sentence do you not understand ?

      There is no "reason" that has passed me by.

      you push trading nerx on people like a jehovahs witness pushes their religion on people at the front door.

      funny thing about all your shorts, you've never told the board the day you short this stock, you only tell us weeks later how much money you made shorting the stock.

      how convenient.

      Remember, don't take things personal just take them in.


      Go Nerx !

      ps. you go right ahead and report me ... you'll just make a bigger fool of yourself.

    • look at the daily and you will see we broke the 50 ma and we are testing the 200

    • you mean like this chart that shows the stochastic rebound?

    • yes ,you have made quite an impression
      with your slimeball attack on Frog... now have the honor of being the sole
      occupant of my ignore list..<click>

    • don't you think you should have your eye on the nerx chart as opposed to looking at old mygame posts- you would see that this bio broke down and though support and now we better pray for str or we longs will be fucked
      and mygames 2 dollar special will be served up

    • show me the mgo post that makes you think
      he "knows nerx platforms"..?

    • Wow Ahoy,

      I have definitely made an impression upon you. I also didn't know that buying securities and posting on a message board had to go hand in hand. I guess I violated some SEC regulation during the 80's and 90's. Gosh I hope they do not take my profits away.

      Btw, as with INIS it is not bashing when what you post is true or materializes into facts. You must be afraid the same will happen with NERX.

    • i am long nerx and hope they get the job done.
      i don't agree with much of mygame's posts,
      but he knows nerx platforms and it's good to get factual posts even if you don't share their views.
      we all need to work hard to find out the facts.
      a few weeks ago i posted that i spoke to nerx
      and had a slew fuckups bust my chops saying
      it did't happen. let the guy post

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