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  • toolatetrade toolatetrade Mar 1, 2002 9:05 AM Flag

    Frog/MEK/NCCancer Riddle or Spin Me

    mygame,why buy deluted shares?

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    • Because this dead cat, especially after dilution, will still bounce a couple of times.

      Also in case that NERX does publish real results that one can get interested in for the long haul.

      • 2 Replies to mygameon
      • so it would be a short term move in a downward
        move to the stock

      • I think I asked before.
        I know you think that nerx buying inis denton
        r-pharm is a black hole. I still think nerx
        will turn this around and be successful.
        I also know you said you purchased some inis
        shares at one time. Did you sell them?
        Inis has made a deal with the preferred shareholders. It delutes the number of shares, but stops the major delution that would have been coming. The price of shares has nearly doubled in the last week or two.
        From yesterdays press release:
        Mr. Laflin continued, "The cooperation of this large percentage of our Series A and Series B stockholders is a major step
        forward for the Company and opens the door for continued business growth and development."

        In the way of a general update to the stockholders of the Company Mr. Laflin stated, "The difficulties the Company has
        overcome in the past year has been extensive. I am very pleased to say we have nearly resolved all financial staffing issues
        and the Company expects to resume timely financial reporting, with the issuance of all CY 2001 10Q's and 10K's, before the
        end of March 2002. I would like to acknowledge the patience and tenacity our stockholders have exhibited over the past 14
        months and assure them the Company anticipates sustaining timely financial reporting, continuing to improve our financial
        strength, and proactively disseminating information regarding the Company's goals and our measured progress towards those