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  • nerxcurescancer nerxcurescancer Mar 5, 2002 6:00 PM Flag

    Denton is the key

    Do not underestimate the potential of the Denton facility, or Bay City strategic initiatives.

    NeoRx will need a vigorous salesforce to cut through the treatment fog :)


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    • Do you wake up and see a different person each morning?? I know you just make this s**t up. Everyone knows that Oncology needs the smallest sales force and especially a radiopharmaceutical. So once again you are merely full of hype and BS.

      Secondly, Denton is WAY TOO BIG for solely NERX's needs on the production of STR. It is a black hole and the contracts that they supposedly were to get from INIS have not materialized. NERX should have bought a nuke if they were going to back integrate and waited until they needed a manufacturer like INIS. They could have waited until know and paid a 10th of the price during the firesale.

      Again, what a bunch of misguided management and lack of strategic planning for a company that you claim will cure cancer. Buy a skirt you are merely a cheerleader that is chasing bad money with good. See you at the bottom after the dilution probe hits...what are there about 15 working days left in the quarter. What kind of excuse/spin will come from NERX on April 1???

    • I dunno man. My pessimism for this stock is starting to get traction.

      It's acting just like the Avicidin days.

      I'm dismayed given some of the recent annoucements that this stock has no volume. Were we supposed to learn something from the FDA about the dosage protocol by this quarter? The market apparently doesn't think we are. Or is the market thinking something worse?

      NeoRx has made a huge bet with regards to Denton. As I understand it, it will be mainly used to produce STR - nothing else for the immediate future.

      We better get STR. If we don't...