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  • willyseaweed willyseaweed Mar 7, 2002 12:03 AM Flag

    gameys wig's too tight


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    • do you think those guys that were driving into
      sepr @46 got the heads up from sepr management.
      stock dives 30 points in premarket.
      i do not think any bio is at liberty to give investors the heads up.
      nerx has a good mm drug-i think so.
      the stock is down from the 20's. it may go lower-that said there are very few ca drugs thar cr 35+ in a trail. can they get this done before going broke is the key question,
      not if they are poor communicators.why post if you don't trust the company-short the stock-
      and post a bio you like

    • thanks for the reply, i think informative(factual) posts
      with a positive tone are prefered. i think,
      with the fda slowing up approvals, nerx and bio's will all have their work cut out for them.
      i think posts like nerx is going to 2
      or i don't trust nerx are not useful in that
      they take a negative tone without factual
      timely information(timely factal info). that said, nerx will need funding soon
      and may have to use their stock to get those funds for the on going trails. someone should call anderson and ask-how are we going to get the job done??
      that, not the science, is nerx's most important issue and may negatively effect the price, now @4. it may be priced in, i don't know.
      i like the responce rates on mm trails and will stay with nerx unless some material facts
      change the sitation.