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  • big_pig_of_nerx big_pig_of_nerx May 4, 2002 11:57 PM Flag

    NERX cheerleaders-- What are you doing

    Haven't checked out the NERX board in a long time & I still laugh/grunt at all you STRONG BUY hypesters. EX. My old buddy Willieseaweed just stated- big institutional buying of NERX ! give me a break humans- let's break this down . Institutional buying was 38% for Friday. Volume was 18,500. If institutions bought 38%-- they purchased 7,030 shares , or $55,685 worth. WHOA- They must be curing all kinds of cancer with that much institutional interest!!!! FACT-----This isn't shit- humans. If you STRONG BUY longs want to do yourself some good- do some research & see how much insider buying NERX has been generating. Nobody knows like the people who run it EH....The answer is----- there isn't any--- & they are running out of $$$$$$$$$$$ faster than a heroine addict. Enough $$$$ till the end of the year !!! Humans- that ain't pig shit. Time is running out - so do the newbies a favor & don't hype this stock - they will only loose $$$$$$$. So STRONG BUYS how are the trials doing? FACT--- NERX is still treating it's investors like mushrooms- keep em in the dark & don't feed em shit. NO-- I am not short NERX. YES- I have owned NERX on & off since 1998. Right now I wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft. pole. Their Biotechnology has promise- but their mgmt. sucks. What a shame. All big pig wants is for the newbies to get fully informed before they invest in NERX. You STRONG BUY longs---still give me the corkscrew shits..... have a nice day. Big Pig.

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