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  • ibm0101010101010101 ibm0101010101010101 Jun 5, 2002 11:43 PM Flag

    Hi! I'm looking into silver stocks.

    A friend sent me an email telling me to look closer at PAAS. He says it is 25% owned by Bill Gates, of all people, as a hedge against his tech investments. Is this true? Also, he says Warren Buffett owns 20% of the world's pure silver bullion. Can this be true? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    • In the coming bull market in precious metals silver should outperform gold percentage wise..there aren't too many silver stocks out there..PAAS is probably the safest one too own. We ran an 80 million ounce deficit last year and it's estimated the deficit this year will be around 120 million ounces..that's been going on for the last 12 years or so...the short squeeze in silver is coming and when it comes silver prices will sky rocket. Remember silver hit a high of $50 in 1980 and that was with a huge surplus in silver. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates (who ones part of PAAS) and George Soros have a big position in silver. Pan-American Silver recently announced a merger with Corner Bay Minerals a few weeks ago, Pan-Americans reserves in silver will now be over 700 million ounces. Buy the stock now before silver really starts to move.

    • Yes it is true.

      If you look up the Insider Holdings, you will see a name: Michael Larson

      Michael Larson is Bill Gates money manager. He is buying PAAS for Bill. Diversifing from techs.

      ok. Hurry and buy some.
      I did.

    • yes on both counts. gates probably has a cost basis of maybe 5.50 in PAAS. buffet probably has a cost basis of around 4.75 in his 130 million ozs.

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