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  • crazy1090631 crazy1090631 Aug 24, 2003 12:39 PM Flag

    New Silver COT Report shows...

    Dear Kaz:

    I can understand you sitting on a message board and ripping a stock that has a chart heading down with a failing business. However, don't you feel like you are wasting your energy?

    The stock is up about 300% since I bought it, the silver suppply is starting to tighten and anyone with a brain can see the gold/silver bull breakout. So waht gives? You must be a paid basher.

    But hey, knock yourself out.

    I will make you a bet. If CDE does not finish the year over $4 I will leave forever. If it does you leave forever....


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    • Wow the absolute low on PAAS was $2.50 and YOU were one of the VERY few that bought it right there and is up 300%.
      You are AWESOME. I bow down to you.
      Why don't you link me a post where you yelled out STRONG BUY right around the $2.50 lows for some credibility? Or maybe you are just a momentum trader that bought in this month?

      You wager is silly, why would I care if you come or go? Why don't you put some effort into making informative posts on Silver or Silver stock fundamentals?

      A more appropriate wager is what will outperform fom now till year-end.
      1) $100 in PAAS @ $10
      2) $150 in Silver @ 5

      In other words if Silver is under $6.66 while PAAS is $15+ then you win.
      Loser must post he is a moron once a day for 7 days.

      Good Investing :-)

    • oops, own cde too. make that 15 paas...

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