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  • cuculkon cuculkon Apr 30, 2006 4:16 PM Flag



    Its a laugh watching the BIG MEDIA "our" ummm "free press" these days isnt it?

    I mean with a "free press" like this WHO NEEDS OSAMA ???

    Those Retards.....CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOXNEWS are running articles 24/7 about the high cost of ~$3 Dollar Gas....$60 Dollar...No make that $70 Dollar Oil...The massive price increases in Natural Gas (Up ~300% over the last few years)....Copper prices up 400%...Zinc, Moly, Lead, Nickle, ALL Blasting the Supply of ALL of these basic natural resources is running very low.

    The BIG MEDIA then tells us the bad news....that production of MOST ALL of these basic resources will be unable to meet even our CURRENT DEMAND in the near future because we are simply RUNNING OUT OF THESE BASIC NATURAL RESOURCES.

    We are heading for a brick wall with regard to a host of Natural Resources...over the next 10-20 years. WE ARE ALREADY DEEP INTO OUR NATURAL RESOURCES END GAME.


    {"Next on FOXNEWS a story about how the U.S. "needs" a "guest worker program"..(WHEN WE...ALREADY HAVE MILLIONS OF REAL AMERICANS WHO CANT FIND A JOB?????WHO IN THE HECK "needs" "guest workers"???)....and how the U.S. "needs" a "amnesty" for Illegal aliens...and how the U.S. "needs" MORE IMMIGRATION.....MORE PEOPLE!"}JUST AS THIS NATIONS JOBS BASE IS BEING SHIPPED OFF TO CHINA AND INDIA??? "we" "need" More "workers"???(LOL!) recap the United States is RUNNING OUT OF ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES...JUST AS THE MEDIA IS PUSHING FOR A MAJOR INCREASES IN THE POPULATION!

    .....YIPEEEEEEEE !!!

    I guess you have to be a RETARD TO GET A JOB WITH THE MEDIA THESE DAYS???

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