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  • seasonedspec seasonedspec Jul 3, 2008 12:25 AM Flag

    Spot Silver Is Up, But Silver Stocks Are Down

    Who can explain this? Today CDE dropped 3.91%, HL 9.54%, PAAS 4.01%, SLW 1.39%, and SSRI 3.19%. And yet, spot silver prices were up again today. I'm missing something, but I don't know what it is. My only explanation is that previously, silver stock prices moved up at a faster pace than did spot silver prices, and yjey are now catching their breath as spot silver prices catch up. Perhaps someone here has a better explanation and will share it. For the moment, I'm baffled! I'd really be upset if I currently held HL stock. SS

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    • lots of information on this site. take it a step further and find the stocks "those in the know" are adding to or newly positioned in while down alot already.

    • I afraid the stock market woes are still with us. The PM stocks have yet to cut loose from the stock market. I for one am slowly switching PM stocks to DGP a 200% leveraged Gold ETF. I'm about 50-50% PM stocks and DGP. The leverage of PM stocks to the metals used to be around 3-1. Today's ratio doesn't cut it with me. Rising miner costs are taking their toll. I'm watching the $HUI/$Gold ratio for any future
      changes that may take place.

    • "Who can explain this? Today ...[stocks fell] And yet, spot silver prices were up again today. I'm missing something, but I don't know what it is."

      And today we have the reverse. Again using the theory that stocks lead the metals, this time I see a positive divergence.

    • Another possible explanation might be that "The Powers That Be" realize that most small investors such as all who post on these boards have all or the vast majority of their specie holdings in PM stocks and not the actual specie (bullion). Therefore working in colusion with the CEO's of the mining companies they can contain the NAV (net asset value) of said companies.

      More and more it is becoming more difficult to contain the POG/POS because the world CB's have already dumped much of the specie on the open markets.

      Mining CEO's must obey their(our) usury masters like the Federal Reserve or could wind up like JFK. and besides these CEO's are still guaranteed to make beau coup profits.

      Regardless whether I am correct on this I would still strongly recommend that we don't get too greedy seeking leverage to the POG/POS.

      Hold mostly silver and gold bullion even if you have to pay up a 1 percentage to store. Best if you store yourself but that also has it's obvious risks. Buy no more than 10 percent PM stocks because they are in the grip of those in power and your shares could be taken by our "leaders" (remember FDR in 1933) in the interests of national security. Silver has many military and industrial applications as all know.

      If you hold you bullion they have to come find it and that is impossible as they well know so they will attempt to scare you as FDR did threating imprisonment, etc. but many back in 1933 didn't come forward and weren't found out.

      The powers feel that their scare tactics will garner most individual's bullion so not worth the trouble to go after the relatively few who don't surrender their bullion. IMO

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      • skysoldier,

        I'm afraid that you are correct about the possibility of our bullion someday being confiscated by our government. We must first go through a period of hyperinflation followed by a very painful depression. I'm convinced that it's heading our way due to our failure to learn the lessons that history has provided us. But for our government to take it from us, they first must find it. SS

      • '"The Powers That Be" realize that most small investors such as all who post on these boards have all or the vast majority of their specie holdings in PM stocks and not the actual specie (bullion)'

        I happen to believe "the powers that be" have the ability to move everything. Today it is clear that they are at least attempting to rally the market because the "62000" job loss is not "as bad" as expected. Only a couple of the talking heads are mentioning that they had a massive revision to the prior months so the job loss is really a disaster.

        We is going to pay the taxes to cover the massive debt run up by the massive fiscial insanity of the Washington elected officials? A nation without out jobs does not have the ability to pay debt. It really boils down to the fact that the "powers" have to do the normal and let the dollar drop. Today one of the talking heads mention that the 160 level is a trouble makr to the euro. It has been for a very long time with the dollar trading between 153 and 160. When all the talking heads start telling the "official" story you can be sure that it is all a method to gouge the public.

    • In my experience normally stocks lead the metal. When you have days where the metal goes up and the stocks fall, normally that is a bad sign of what is to come. On the other hand, with the dollar precariously perched at 72 I'm reluctant to make a call one way or the other. Two other possible explanations:
      1. The stocks jumped quite a bit, and were ripe for profit taking.
      2. The overall market is down, down, down, and margin calls may be getting passed around.

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      • Carl,

        Both of your possible explanations make sense to me. But then, why am I so often mistaken? SS

      • 'with the dollar precariously perched at 72 '

        I just got back from 11 days in Ireland. The dollar is worthless. I felt luck to find a $20,00 hamburger with $5.00 for the any drink that would go with the meal including asking for water which in most cases ended up being a bottle.

        I was in Ireland in 2000 when the dollar was 2 euros to the dollar and today it is about 2 dollars to the euro.

        If anyone does not understand that the United States currency is in a free fall should see how they like the charges for everything in Ireland which I understand is the normal in europe and not the exception.

        I have German bonds and precious metals. I see nothing but a total shock to come as the dollar is clearly in a free fall.

        I see nothing but a national disaster as so many think they are going to retire and find out that there home is going back to the 2000 prices and their bank account is not purchasing anything. There pensions if they are one of the few will not provide a living standard. I hate to be so depressing but that is what I see without any more military attacks by our government.

        We have really been screwed by our elected officials in the last 30 years.

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