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  • dcpayne1 Aug 14, 2008 11:28 AM Flag

    Russia Spits in Eye of UN & America

    Russia's president met today in the Kremlin with the leaders of Georgia's two separatist provinces — a clear sign that Moscow could absorb the regions. The comments from Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov appeared to come as a challenge to the United States, where President Bush has called for Russia to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia."

    The Russian refusal to withdraw from Georgia presents a challenge to the cease-fire agreement designed to end seven days of fighting. The EU-sponsored accord had envisioned Russian and Georgian forces returning to their original positions.

    In Washington, an American official said Russia appears to be sabotaging airfields and other military infrastructure as its forces pull back. The U.S. official described eyewitnesses accounts for The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. The official said the Russian strategy seems like a deliberate attempt to cripple the already battered Georgian military.

    The United States poured aid into the Georgian capital of Tbilisi on Thursday

    Question: Russia takes over the country and the oil and gas pipelines and strategic southern Black Sea Port. America sends bread and butter. (Who gets the best end of this deal?) Any takers???

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    • Put simply, Russia is a Thugocracy controlled by ex-KGB agents! They have no opposition or fear, hence they have little experience with ridicule over barbaric actions such as invading Georgia or threatening to nuke Poland. Imagine the leaders of a modern, 21st century power outright threatening to nuke another - BIZARRE!

      Remember, EVERYTHING the ex-KGB organization does is geared towards acquiring control of the commodity complex and/or diverting attention away from such action. And when I say divert attention, I mean from their own citizens. What's going on in Russia is the greatest HEIST of wealth (from within) the world has ever witnessed. The Russian people truely have an enemy, but it's not the West - it's their own government.

      That, and not rebuilding the Soviet Empire, is what Georgia (oil pipelines) was all about. If I'm wrong, there's one very simple, very inexpensive way to stop Russia in its tracks without opting to participate in their supposed Cold War game (which again, is drummed up for internal consumption & diversion). Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Georgia, the Stans, Ukraine, etc. merely need to issue each and every citizen a rifle.

    • dcp,

      Has Russian leadership ever really accepted and forgotten the free world's defeat of communism? IMO Russia would love to completely be in control of our access to foreign oil supplies, even though it was largely our technological support to Russia that helped them regenerate their oil drilling and refinery operations. It's Russia's oil that has been largely responsible for their remarkable economic growth in recent years. We bailed out France in both world wars and again helped Russia's recovery in recent years, and what thanks do we get? Nada ! SS

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      • dcpayne1 Aug 15, 2008 9:59 AM Flag

        Seasoned, if we expect charity and good will from Russia, I believe we have to rethink the strategy! I worry about companies like Kinross (KGC) which has a world class gold property in Russia. The oil properties have already been confiscated (as you've already noted).

        Pan American Silver had a defacto confiscation of their Dukat mine nearly 10 years ago. There are many here that don't know this. Pan American has learned it's lesson (I believe) and it is yet another reason I like the company.

        Good luck on getting your share price today! Thanks for your input, as always.

    • Bush made it easy to do that.

      While America is putting all its resources fighting for own its existence the phantom threat of terrorism, China and Russia are rising and spreading their influence globally.

      If you think Russia is spitting in eye of America now, just wait till you see what the Chinese will do in a few years.

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      • >>"If you think Russia is spitting in eye of America now, just wait till you see what the Chinese will do in a few years. "

        Indeed and when the Chinese start repatriating our dollars to repurchase their own exports our costs for such previously cheap goods will begger our nation.

        Seems ironic to me that four decades or so ago when we were fighting the "Red commies" because their way of life which ran contrary to our "capitalism" has now reversed. The Chinese are now the "nuevo capitalists" and we are the nuevo socialists.

        Stay tuned for futher reports on...

        "As the World Turns"

        PS- As a disclaimer I never watched even one episode of that soap opera but now I am forced to watch our current ones. As are you.

      • dcpayne1 Aug 14, 2008 1:13 PM Flag

        Giraffe, don't kid yourself. The Russian Invasion of Georgia IS ALL ABOUT OIL. I can't say it any plainer than that. Russia wants to control European Oil and the the southern Black Sea Port of Georgia. This is WONDERFUL NEWS FOR IRAN. Iran will have a stronger ally. Europe is sucking canal water. Look at the Euro since this event started. You think the Dollar is rebounding? Take the Euro out of the equation and you got a flat dollar. Things are going to get worse, exponentially.

        PS. You don't believe that global terrorism is a real threat. I can't believe you honestly believe that Islamo-facism is not a threat.. and another plot against NYC was uncovered in Massachusetts just yesterday! (of course, you think the arrest was fabricated, right?)

      • I thoroughly agree with you. Russia has never ceased to be US BIGGEST threat and if an attack comes it will be from Russia with China siding with Russia, at least initially, IMO

        U.S is becoming evermore impotent. Very scary

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