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  • insect_insight insect_insight Nov 20, 2012 6:55 PM Flag

    MORE lessons for silver miner SUCKERS and DUPES


    Ladies, time to teach the silver BAGHOLDERS an absolute FACT that you will never learn from the typical no talent inherited money ivy league goobers who manage the funds....or the slimy DISINFO big media shills whose every PHONY pump of silvers and golds has proven to be FALSE this past year.

    Ok, drum roll, please.....

    This past decade we have NOT been in a silver "bull" market of any kind, repeat, NOT even close.

    Ladies, some 33 years ago, the forever USELESS silver bullion reached a high of $50 an ounce.....and here we are 33 years later, and the forever PATHETIC silver bullion has not even managed to surpass that former fact, NOT even close, especially if you adjust the silver price for 33 years of INFLATION.

    Ladies, that means that USELESS silver and every DYING miner remain in multi-DECADE BEAR markets and anybody who denies the FACT is nothing more than a clueless amateur #$%$ aka, teh only types of idiots who toil in the USELESS industry of golds and silvers.

    Ladies, It would take a silver price of $125 an ounce simply to match the former high silver achieved some 33 years ago....and that is after adjusting the former nominal high price for the REAL inflation-adjusted price (after taking into account a nominal 5% per annum INFLATION rate over the past three decades).

    Ladies, anybody who tells you it is a silver "bull" market is either a retard of the nth degree or a typical wall street slimester DISINFO artist.

    Finally, ladies, ALWAYS remember to do your own homework, NEVER rely on wrong way financial advisers or typical no talent fund manager dopes...and ALWAYS invest DIRECTLY....never via a fund because the fund slimesters exist only to benefit special clients, NEVER the average retail goober.

    Case closed, ladies, it is a thesis that can NOT be refuted, and if you can not learn from your intellectual superiors, you are DOOMED to blow ALL your $$$$ in garbage like PAAS.

    This topic is deleted.
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